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I have found a real love!

Thursday, May 31. 2007

It took me a long time to go through a door ,which was opened to me, leaving behind the causes of my pain and sufferings moving forward, flying with the wings of spirit and see and feel a true love which was waiting for me on the other side of this door. I was so busy and attached with those who came into my life playing a role that I forgot the main reason of my freedom which was finding a true love. So today I am released from the bandage of my past entering into a future which has been spreading its shinny skirt in front of my eyes.

I got a sign from this world!

Wednesday, May 30. 2007

My sister called this morning telling me about an interesting article which she read in newspapers, without knowing about my weblog or reading it, saying that heart has a memory not mind since we remember the first time we fell in love remembering their names and/or our hearts were broken by whom and when, and when we have received love and compassion from others, again remembering their names , but we don't remember who thought us to add numbers together for the first time or thought us something through our mind only. So is matter of heart stays with us and will be carry on our shoulder through this life and the one to come?

The matter of heart!

Wednesday, May 30. 2007

<blockquote>Two groups of people ignore the heart of themselves as well others. One group are those whose egos cover up all their human virtues so they don’t feel theirs and other people‘s heart bits. Second group are those whose knowledge becomes a thick veil in front of their inner senses and they don’t believe in the role that heart plays rather in the power of mind only. They are thinker not believer. We don’t talk about first group because there is nothing to talk about since it is personal choices but the talk is about the second group who are the spiritual and scientific leaders of our time since any knowledge which is not connected to heart even knowledge of Faith becomes a veil, like a dark cloud, between the beholder and the Sun of Truth.

Why most of the time knowledge becomes a thick veil in front of the eyes of the beholder that he/she cannot see, hear or feel what is coming from her/his innermost being, heart?
Scientist tend to believe in the power of mind only rejecting the role which heart plays in bringing the hidden knowledge into surface . They called the mind the lamp which gives out light to whatever they see, hear or feel, for them to discover, but they ignore the fact that this light shines also upon the most mysterious and hidden part of being, heart, a part which is connecting to the unknown world receiving the waves from the sea of His blessings ,the waves which are lapping against the shore of every heart, believer or nonbeliever, and the light and power of mind just translating these signals or current of energy, which were/are received by these waves, into a language which we understand and identify their hidden knowledge. So a believer see, hear and sense the signs which are connected to the unknown world and since they are from same essence and substance of those signals received by waves through his/her heart, mind recognized and see what is/was coming to him/her through his /her heart from unknown world as well as his/her senses, so as a result of this communication in that moment of ‘time’, his/her heart bits goes on high and a voice of astonishment comes from her/his mouth and body shakes, since a current or spark of truth which created in her/his mind, which is a thinker, and a heart ,which is a believer, connected to the senses in this world and all the powers given to the human being, mind , heart, and senses become one and then the light of true understanding starts to circulate through his/her whole being and as result of it the humanity will be witnessed a new civilization, which is new spiritual level of human race, to the point that there would be no suffering and pain because we become so spiritually connected and close that we cannot escape from their suffering as well as their happiness . And again as a result of this spiritual awareness and closeness there would be amazing individuals advancements resulted in creating beautiful paintings, amazing note of music, poems or new discoveries which last for thousands of years.
And our future generations would carrying them on their shoulder adding theirs on top of it to build an amazing and astonishing throne which human race should sit upon it and the heaven on earth would become a reality. But the thought of understanding which start from senses and finishes in the mind will be like a flash of light in a dark night which lighten the sky for a very short time and disappears in a dark sky without leaving behind any trace of hidden and mysteries signs to keep the humanity going forward throughout centuries to come.

today is a Holy Day

Tuesday, May 29. 2007
Today is Holy day , an anniversary of Ascension of Baha’u’llah, so I shouldn’t write anything from myself but His Holy Words so I opened His Book and I read this passage:

“ It is evident unto thee that the Birds of Heaven and Doves of Eternity speak a twofold language. One language, the outward language, is devoid of allusions, is unconcealed and unveiled; that it may be a guiding lamp and a beaconing light whereby wayfarers may attain the heights of holiness, and seekers may advance into the realm of eternal reunion . Such are unveiled traditions and the evident verses already mentioned. The other language is veiled and concealed, so that whatever lieth hidden in the heart of the malevolent may be made manifest and their innermost being be disclosed. Thus hath Sadiq, son of Muhammad, spoken: “ God verily will test them and sift them.” This is the divine standard, this is the Touchstone of God, wherewith He proveth His servants. None apprehendeth the meaning of these utterances except them whose hearts are assured, whose souls have found Him...."

my journey with 'self'!

Monday, May 28. 2007
Yesterday I was traveling with a ‘Self’ himself, a dark side of man who has nothing left from what he was created for. He was showing me himself and other’s people ‘s dark side and brought to the surface the dark side of me too that I said many things that I shouldn’t say and today I am down to earth. Am I seeing and experiencing whatever I wrote? Am I becoming the one who first experience and going through the words which brings into this world, writing them in her dairy as well as her website? Am I going, spiritually, through the atoms of my words as well as the Holy Writings or prayer which I write or recite every day?
So yesterday I saw the dark side of man in another person and myself as well as other people and this morning when I opened the Holy Book I read that He was with me through this journey all the way witnessing my pain and suffering . But since I went through this dark energy for sake of my loved one it was a blessing pain which I am sure will cause him to live happily ever after

The Phenomenon of Man!

Saturday, May 26. 2007

From Explanation of Spiritual Evolution as Taught from the Baha’i Teachings

It is written that “God screens us evermore from premature …our eyes are holden that we cannot see things that stare us in the face until the hour arrives when the mind is ripened…then we behold them, and the time when we saw them not is like a dream.” This readiness of the human soul is known only to God.”

As Hamlet said “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

From Daniel Pinchbeck book ‘ 2012 The Return of Quetzalcoatl:
‘The movement of humanism has reached its limit, and now at that limit it is breaking apart into the opposites of mechanism and mysticism and moving along the circumference of a vast new sphere of posthuman thought. ‘
According to Chardin we lack a new domain of psychical expansion. And it is staring us in the face if we would only raise our heads to look at it.”

When I hear two people, who I know, are talking on the phone although they are far, far from me even in another country or when I read the deepest thoughts of people close to me or having heart to heart conversation with so many people I become shocked by this amazing phenomenon . I am an ordinary woman and I am sure everyone is invested by this power and every one has his/her time to find this phenomenon which she/he was /is created for but before our world fell into the hands of millions of Hitler’s like people to control our mind and hearts we should pick up a lamp of Faith to preserve what our past generation left behind for us and we do the same for the coming generation.
Since there is no way back but going ahead and there is so much amazing and unbelievable things to experience as long as we don’t let it fell into hands of strangers or those who are not intimates.

The ugly face of ego which you have not seen it before!

Friday, May 25. 2007

Yesterday I was judged by people from same generation as I was and I am sure they will be judged soon , today I was judged by my own future generation for the same reason and I am sure they will be judged by their own future generation, but my wish is that when I am dead I will be judged by 'just' 's eyes whom I may not know or met them during my life time.

Who are these people holding big ugly ego's mask in front of their faces walking around us thinking that since nobody sees or recognized who they really are ,they are safe from the outcome of their actions and their words?
But they don’t know that from every word or act an energy will be released which effecting them, eating up their inner beings behind the mask ,like melted fire. If you don’t believe me go and watch the Spider man movie. You’ll see three ugly ego faces that I am sure none of us wants to look like them in this world or even in invisible world. In this movie, which was made from a deep imagination ,the dark side of man is shown and you’ll see how the ego’s roots and nails goes through the skin reaching the heart and blood of man to the point that even his physical being changes into a beast or a body without spirit and the sad part is that he is enjoying it . Don’t you think that we need a big bang or a sound from inside, Faith, in order to be released from this bandage of ‘Self’?

Are you and I perchance caught up in a dream from which we have not yet awakened?” Chuang Tzu

Wednesday, May 23. 2007
Jared Diamond a professor of UCLA says: “We have to wonder why the kings and nobles failed to recognize and solve these seemingly obvious problems…Their attention was evidently focused on their short-term concerns of enriching themselves, waging wars, erecting monuments, competing with each other, and extracting enough food from the peasants to support all those activities. Like most leaders throughout human history, the Maya kings and nobles did not heed long-term problems, insofar as they perceived them.”
The eighteenth-century William Blake believed humanity was bound in “mind-forg’d manacles’ of its own devising by saying : Thought chang’d the infinite to a serpent, but as Daniel Pinchbeck , author of 2012 The Return of Quetzalcoatl , put it in a very nice way that “if thought changed the “infinite to a serpent,” then it is the task of thought to change it back again, to smash the serpent temple before the last of our eternal forests are divided and devoured.” And in another part of his book he wrote: “ Enlightenment or awakening, in the Eastern tradition, is the individual’s experience of reconnecting with this ultimate ground of being , the “suchness” which is neither that which is existence, nor that which is nonexistence, nor that which is at once existence and nonexistence, …” Capra points out that such paradoxical descriptions sound identical to the physicist’s attempts to grasp the slippery essence of quantum objects, which are neither wave nor particle, do not exist yet do not not exist. “
From the book ‘The Sun’ written by Jay M. Pasachoff, “ Do you sense the billions of solar particles going through you every second? Of course not. But you had better find out about the invisible parts of the Sun and the invisible particles that it gives off. “

Today is an anniversary for opening a new chapter of civilization in front of human race. 163 years ago, on May 22/1844 two hours after sunset a Gate was opened through a Holy Spot in front of the Sun in order that Its rays shines upon all creation. On that night a young man, Bab ‘The Gate’, declared His mission to a true seeker. He announced that Promised One, The Sun, would be manifested Himself in a short time. He opened this Mighty Gate, first through His words and later on through His body ,that Sun shines on entire humanity so one day we all experience the joy of oneness of mankind as well as God’s religions. The rays of this Sun , Baha’u’llah , are reaching everyone of us and going through our own spirits either we are conscious of it or not . Every early morning our spirits circle around His Mighty Throne and coming back to us in this earthy existence or dream, telling us the glad tidings of His Manifestation but if our thoughts are dark as clouds in front of the sun ,we would live in two different worlds with different faces one face, spirit, towards the Sun and another towards the sand and we might be suffering because of our own veils not His, until we see , hear and sense what is going through our own beings as well as our spirits .

A gift for my dear son and his future wife only!

Friday, May 18. 2007
1- that marriage is resulted of two different people attracted to each other, so don’t try to change what you have loved most at the first sight,
2- that marriage is all about accepting another person fully into your life
3- that marriage is all about witnessing another person’s life with love
4- that marriage is all about sharing love, pain, respect and at the end sacrifice for what you feel you were deprived of
5- that marriage is not about me or myself but rather you, yourself and finally ourselves
6- that marriage is not about this physical world only but a divine continuation, as long as you pass this physical limitation to reach a spiritual unity
6- that marriage is all about taking the rights of another human being into consideration and because of this recognition the light of unity will shine in your house and your hearts first and then will shade upon your neighbors and the community where you live in, reaching out through eternity
7- that marriage is all about finding a person accompanying us through journey of life towards a same goal which will protecting us from a danger of being self center, teaching us to share what we love most , love.
8- that marriage is all about leaving behind children who mention God’s name through their Faith and by this way they will carry the essence of their existence, their parents, as well as being connected to the beginning and the end which there is no end and become one ring of this Eternal chain.
9-that marriage needs two strong pillars that such eternal and amazing palace will be built upon it

our charity work!

Thursday, May 17. 2007
<blockquote>This morning I read from Baha’i writings that if we do all the charity works in this world without recognizing the Manifestations of God, which is/was the main purpose of our creation, our goodly deeds would not be acceptable with God. Then I read that knowing God and His Manifestations is the Root and goodly deeds are the branches of this Mighty throne so if we believe in branches only and doing amazing and fantastic charity works without connecting to the Source or Root , the result of our good actions would be temporary and last as the life of branches on a tree since we are not receiving life water from this Mighty Root Which has been existed and will be existed throughout the eternity spreading Its Mighty skirt on top of our heads as skies and under our feet as earth and our whole beings observe Its partials of love connecting us with each other as well as Himself..

our true children! happy mother's day

Sunday, May 13. 2007

"Your fine ethical qualities will run before you after your death--
like moon-faced ladies do these qualities proudly walk...
When you have divorced the body, you will see houris in rows,,
"Muslim ladies, faithful women, devout and repenting ladies"
Without number will you characteristics run before your bier...
In the coffin these pure qualities will become your companions,
They will cling to you like sons and daughters,
And you will don garments from the warp and woof of your works of obedience...." Rumi

Our invisible children!

Saturday, May 12. 2007
Rumi explains what happenes when a man and a woman become intimate:
.......whenever two are linked this way, there comes another
from the unseen world. It may be through birth,
if nothing prevents conception,
but a third does come, when two unite in love,
or in hate. The intense qualities born
of such joining appear in the spiritual world.
You will recognize them when you go there.
Your associations bear progeny.
Be careful , therefore, Wait, and be conscious,
before you go to meet anyone,
Remember there are children to consider!
Children you must live with and tend to,
born of your emotions with another, entities
with a form, and speech, and a place to live.
They are crying to you even now.
'You have forgotten us. Come back'
Be aware of this. A man and a woman together
always have a spiritual result.

do you deserve to live like this?

Thursday, May 10. 2007

Few years ago when I was immersed in a sea of sadness and depression my doctor asked me a question which has changed my life. So whatever I am today I owe it to him partly. He asked me if I was deserved to live in that situation , my answer was even shocking to my own ears when I said 'not in a millions years'. What about you?

People are lost in this "Matrix"

Wednesday, May 9. 2007
" The sea of materialism is at flood time and all the nations of the world are immersed in it. It is my hope that the fish will rise to the surface, so that they may behold other wondrous aspects of creation; for the people are like unto the fish swimming in the deep-ignorant of the rest of the universe. May they be transformed into birds of the air and soar in the nether atmosphere!May they break all bonds of limitation, so that they can observe from the height the lordly processions of infinite creatures; they will see the blue heavens studded with luminous stars, rivers flowing with salubrious water, gardens bedecked with fragrant flowers, trees adorned with blossoms and fruits, birds singing songs of light, humanity ever striving forward, every atom of existence breathing life and force-the universe of God a wonderful theatre upon the stage of which every created thing plays its part."
Abdu'l-Baha, Divine Philosophy

what is the secret?

Tuesday, May 8. 2007
The secret is:
1- to become a magnet by purifying our hearts from every attachment in this world especially material, because a full house doesn’t except new comers.
2- receiving divine conformation and knowledge through its source in this world
3- giving to the lower kingdoms constantly, like a spring water
4- to interact with all human race constantly ( giving and receiving)
5- to become ‘sacred' or medium between all the kingdoms of God ,traveling with a speed of light

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