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To be or not to be….

Saturday, June 30. 2007

God says: “Canst thou discover any one but Me, O Pen, in this Day? What hath become of the creation and the manifestations thereof? What of the names and their kingdom? Whither are gone all created things, whether seen or unseen? What of the hidden secrets of the universe and its revelations? Lo, the entire creation hath passed away! Nothing remaineth except My Face, the Ever-Abiding, the Resplendent, the All-Glorious. “

If we want ‘to be’ and ‘not to be’ parish in this cycle of life which was begun at birth and will continue here , in this world , and throughout eternity we should be like a pure water reflecting the Light of His Face which has its own laws and orders;

-‘to be’ just, when it comes to injustice
-‘to be’ faithful, when it comes to the fire of tests
-‘to be’ love, when it comes to loveless
-‘to be’ light where there is darkness
-‘to be’ alive when there is no life
-‘to be’ generous when there is no means
-‘to be’ forgiving, when there is reason to be
-‘to be’ hidden when are surrounded by unfaithful ones
-and finally ‘to be’ a part of this amazing puzzles of universe now, for the sake of the time when there would be no puzzles anymore


Friday, June 29. 2007
<strong>Rumi in one of his poems say:
There are three kinds of women in the world
Two are griefs, and one is a treasure to the soul.
The first, when you marry her, is all yours.
The second is half-yours, and the third
Is not yours at all.

who am I now!

Thursday, June 28. 2007
Yesterday I read a passage from Kahlil Gibran ,the famous poet ,which was part of my own life too, so today those who were playing a part in my life before, left me with no choice but to use Gibran’s beautiful writing to describe my own true feelings. He writes in ‘Madame Rose Hanie’’s essay that: “…I was a sinner in the eyes of God and myself when I ate his bread and offered him my body in reward for his generosity. Now I am pure and clean because the law of Love has freed me and made me honourable and faithful, I ceased selling my body for shelter and my days for clothes. Yes, I was an adulteress and criminal when the people viewed me as the most honourable and faithful wife; today I am pure and noble in spirit, but in their opinion I am polluted, for they judge the soul by the outcome of the body and measure the spirit by the standard of matter.”

What love thought me!

Wednesday, June 27. 2007

Love thought me to be courageous, to the point that I could ride on the carriage of my own heart with an amazing speed, seeing or hearing nothing from this world, leaving behind all the logics.
Love thought me to be faithful to the point that I trusted all who I came into contact with
Love thought me to fell in love with entire universe
Love thought me that pain could be joyful too
Love thought me that love is so precious no matter where or from whom it manifests itself.
Love thought me that it has its own roots, deep down, in my own being and there is nothing out there
So ‘love’ loved me and I love whomsoever manifests love, since I see myself as love in his/her purified mirror, heart ,falling in love with myself ‘love’!
So love thought me to know ‘love’ , to be faithful, to trust when there was no reason to, to love all His creatures when there was no reason to, to accept pain joyfully when it hurts, to not look at love’s throne but its reflection on my own mirror, heart, to feel love although no one is around, to know all the universe are like mirrors for me as I am for them to see my real ‘self’, to know that nothing will remains except love and finally love thought me to know myself as no one knows better and falling in love with what I see in these amazing mirrors, human hearts, where there are no logics or minds to be present to judge me.

what is future which we are afraid of?

Tuesday, June 26. 2007
Abdu’l-Baha says: “As to you, O friends of God: Make firm your feet in the Cause of God with such firmness as cannot be shaken by the most great disasters of the world. Be not troubled by anything under any condition. Be as lofty mountains, dawning-stars from the horizon of existence, brilliant lamps in the assemblies of oneness and lowly souls, pure hearted, with the friends……”

Those whose minds and feet are stuck into their own past ,either their own opinions , their financial means or any other attachments, which are holding them back from going forward, they live in a deep fear of losing all above in present time for the sake of their future, so they are lost. They might not know that there is no future here, in this world, but this world and whatever it contains prepare us to enter into a future which does not accept anything , all above, except what Abdu'l-Baha beautifully described. /strong>

what would and will take us to a new civilization!

Monday, June 25. 2007

In this earthy life we all have to go through a fire of purification or growth, a fire which comes to us in different forms like a fire of love, which is the strongest one, and other kind of fires which will cause us to sacrifice more until we reach to a deep spiritual state of mind, a state of moment of conception, in order to be reborn or awaken into a new world, where there is a upper kingdom comparing to the previous one. So whether we like it or not this amazing and tremendous change like a flood will take us in one way or another to our destiny, taking or pulling us within different events or paths where we have no choice but turning to Him. So this journey, as any other journeys, needs energy and since the power of free will is given to us to choose so we would have this opportunity to choose our own way as well as the energy which we will need most for this journey towards self discovery. So if we don’t do it voluntary, thinking that we might losing things from this world and stop moving forward or inward, moving with majority to please them, someone close to us, our loved ones, who our lives are effected by theirs, will push or pull us towards this path which was/is ordained as a new civilization by God, a civilization which is going to build upon the pillars of spirituality of man not his/her material means. So before we wash away from the shore of our existence by any disasters or tragedy we would better search for a spark of light or truth in our earthy lives, which is shinning somewhere in this world and its roots are in every heart, yours and mine, and grabbing it and never let it go no matter what ,and this light will guide us to a daytime where there is nothing except love, being in love and be loved, a love which no one can take it away from us even if the people of the world arise against us and separated every cell of our body to capture what we have, which is a divine love and they would return to their own cells empty handed. Since what they didn’t have, and didn’t give it to us they have no power to take it away.

which kingdom we are belong to!

Sunday, June 24. 2007

<strong>If I break one human heart , a heart which is not comparable to any kingdom ,for the sake of lower kingdoms which are material, plants and animal then which kingdom I would be belonged to?
I would be belonging to the one which I have dared to sacrifice one human heart for the sake of owning or ruling it, so I might be mineral, earth, plant or animal living in a form of human being!

To whom or what we should fell in love with!

Friday, June 22. 2007
<strong>God says: “I say to thee again, and yet again, My universe holds naught but love…” so we all know this is His universe, and we are and will be attached to what or who we love most in this world ,so be careful to whom or to what you fell in love with . Since our spirits at the time of our death will be clued to them at least for a period of time, which is unknown and uncalculated for human beings and this attachment will be stayed until the time comes and God’s love free us and accepted us to His court and when this universe is not enough for human soul to expand what would be happened to a soul which is in love or attached to his/her own lower kingdoms as well as his/her love which is limited to a few? It must be a painful process!

what is Faith?!

Thursday, June 21. 2007

Yesterday I was mistaken about my accomplishment as ‘faith’; I must have been closing my eyes and ears. Today when I read this poem from a distinguish woman in Baha’i Faith, I knew that if I die I could not and would not take ‘faith’ with myself unless I do what she did in her life time. So you read her poem and judge yourself. And today I heard an echo from other side of the world feeling the connection between hearts and believing that there are still believers who believe in love, faith who are trustworthy in this world.

Ruhiyyih Khanum , says:


To walk where there is no path
To breathe where there is no air
To see where there is no light
This is Faith
To cry out in the silence
The silent of the night
And hearing no echo and believe
And believe again and again
This is Faith,
To behold pebbles and see jewels
To raise stick and see forest
To smile with weeping eyes
This is Faith
To say I believe when others deny
To hear when there is no answer
This is Faith
And the fierce love in the heart,
The savage love that cries
Hidden thou art yet there!
Veil Thy face and mute Thy tongue
Yet I see and hear Thee, love,
Beat me down to the bear earth,
Yet I rise and love Thee, Love!
This is Faith

what would be your regrets or accomplishments if you die in ten minutes?

Wednesday, June 20. 2007

Always passing of your loved ones or close friends makes you think about your own death. Thinking what would be your most regrets and your most accomplishments when you are about leaving this world. So I have lost a good friend recently. I saw him in his death bed before he passed and a thought of dying is hunting me by questioning myself that what would I thinking when I am so close to death and what would be my most regrets or my best accomplishments in life if I die now. And I came up with these questions and answers.
What will be my most regrets in this moment if I die in ten minutes?
-It would be my shortcoming of being a better daughter for my parents.
-It would be of being delayed in my awakening, spiritually, so I would have giving away more love to whomever I have come to know no matter what
-To share my Faith, my treasuries, with more people who have come into my life
- It would be any sadness or disappointments which I had created in any heart
What would be my accomplishments if I die in ten minutes?
-I would take so much love with me which I have received from my children, family and my friends.
-I would take so much trust with me which I had given away and since there was no trustworthy, it was returned to me with the extreme power of rejection
-I am taking with me so much love which I have given away and it didn’t sink in the hearts of the receivers so again it was returned to me like a flood ,washing me away from the shore of existence at least for 24 hours, pushing me towards God, exactly on
Sept 3/2003.
-I am taking so much faith with myself, which I had in so people and since they were not from faithful ones it was returned to me with a drop of poison which made me sick for a period of time but I have survived and came out of it more stronger.
-I am taking with me a justice which I was believe in it so badly and made me to fight
for my own rights and occasionally for others all the way, although I was not successful in this world but I did my best, so injustice was remained with them who were responsible for it and justice returned to me undone.
So if I die in ten minutes I would leave this world with treasuries of love, trust, faith and justice which they came to me with an amazing power of rejection and opposition and since nothing has been wasted in this universe they (love, trust, faith, justice) either sink in the hearts of receivers or will return to you as a fuel, taking you off the ground, body, send you on your everlasting journey. And finally I would be leaving behind more than 350 dairies which will be my witnesses to my accomplishments as well as my regrets in this world.

Just a thought about the power which is/was given to woman to educate man!

Tuesday, June 19. 2007

blockquote>It might be a strong desire for man to reach a world where they have come from, through their mother’s or woman’s womb which gives this strong and amazing power to woman to build or destroy man’s identity . So it would be upon our generation of women to use or misuse this power to build or destroy a new civilization, which should be built upon two pillars, man and woman, for our future generation.


the power of education!

Tuesday, June 19. 2007
It was said that a strong and firm man in his faith and his actions, right actions, is like a mountain which his spirit like a shinny cloud covers his head as well as all the people surrounding him and a weak man is like a piece of grass which with any wind or breeze moves from one place to another, from one opinion to another, from one woman to another since he has not found his identity in himself or what he believes in which makes him grounded and humble. But a strong and firm woman in her faith, knowing her responsibility to educate as a mother, lover and wife, can change this piece of grass into a mountain which so many people benefited from him and a weak woman can reduces this mighty mountain into a grass, or ashes, which destroys his identity and as a result so many people would be hurt because of him. As our history has been documented and we, ourselves, are witnessing to these two folds process of building and destroying nearly every day. What a power!

do what God says to do if you are from the Concourse of the Realms above!

Monday, June 18. 2007
God says: “This is the Day whereon every sweet smelling thing hath derived its fragrance from the smell of My garment a garment that hath shed its perfume upon the whole of creation. This is the Day whereon the rushing waters of everlasting life have gushed out of the Will of the All-Merciful. Haste ye, with your hearts and souls, and quaff your fill, O Concourse of the realms above!”

father's day

Sunday, June 17. 2007

More than twenty years ago in such a day, Jun 17, ten women from sixteen years old, Mona, to 45 years old, were martyred in Iran, because of their Faith. And today we are celebrating theirs as well as our father’s day. Their fathers educated their daughters to be free spirited, to stand up in front of any injustice not by any weapons or even physical shield but their own Faith. They were martyred by the order of few men, whom were fathers and grandfathers themselves, and because of their own fears of losing their thrones to the Faith, a Faith Which was/is believed to come from same Substance, the love of God. These men wanted to change the God given’s path by killing few innocence women but they didn’t know that history had/has its own black day for those who are/were fighting with the Will of God. They didn’t know that this path of Life giving Water would not and will not be closed by dropping a few stone upon it. As Bab, the Forerunner of Baha’I Faith says:

“Death does not separate the soul of the believer from his previous scene of activity, but only increases his powers. All those who work for this great Cause will continue to do so whether they are in the body or out of it. If martyred, they will attach themselves to those who can best secure this influence, and the power of these will be doubled or quadrupled by this dynamic assistance of those who have already left the scene of outward action.”

So happy father’s day to those fathers who are/were teaching their children, their sons and daughters, A Right path.

what is feminism?

Saturday, June 16. 2007
Dr. Jane Faily ‘s speech about the station of women on June 27/1986

(…..What is feminism? Feminism is many things. It is a movement for the vote a hundred years ago. It is people who believe that women have a right to abortion. It is interest in women’s health. It is a great array of movements. In my mind, true feminism is a search to understand the world as it is. The equality of men and women is a reality none of us can fully describe. We’ve never seen it. We’re just building it. And what is truly feminine is an interest in that discovery which will free men and women from outmoded ideas of the past. That is what I think it means. …….I would like to begin on a spiritual plane. I am a Baha’i. My religion speaks about the equality of men and women. I have mandate to work in my community so that my community acts in connection with that mandate, and I want to read the actual words. There is nothing like this in religious scripture. Baha’u’llah is addressing His Revelation. He writes a kind of poem in which He speaks to the Revelation which He has created, and He says this:
“Step out of Thy holy chamber, O Maid of Heaven, inmate of the Exalted Paradise! Drape thyself in whatever manner pleaseth thee, in the silken Vesture of Immortality, and put on, in the name of the All-Glorious, the broidered Robe of Light. Hear, then, the sweet, the wondrous accent of the Voice that cometh from the Throne of Thy Lord, the Inaccessible, the Most High. Unveil Thy face and manifest the beauty of the black-eyed Damsel, and suffer not the servants of God to be deprived of the light of Thy shining countenance.” (Cleanings, P.282)

There are the words of the Manifestation of God to His Revelation. It is a woman, and she is beautiful. In those words, the sensuality and the exalted spirituality of women are joined, and they are cherished. This is our mandate. This is who we are, who we must be. Never has a Messenger of God spoken more directly about the feminine attributes of divinity, and it summons us to own them, to know that we have the beauty of the black-eyed Damsel and stop mumbling about Jello salad. “

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