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a real woman!

Tuesday, July 31. 2007
<em>What the a real woman needs from a man are: respect +love+ understanding+ compassion
Without them she will not die, since she is immersing in an ocean of love herself and she is a giver but she would die, spiritually, if she let any man touch her without all those above.

a man without heart!

Tuesday, July 31. 2007
A man, whose heart and his body are not at the same time at the same place, would be unfaithful to those who are surrounding him and he becomes an evil to whom he claims to love. Because these two, body and heart, should be living together with harmony. His only sin is that he wants all without sacrificing one for the sake of the other. So he goes through so much pain by being unfaithful to those who are living with him without his love and being a devil for whom he cannot own.

A sign of love !

Tuesday, July 31. 2007

“You can kill me as soon as you can but you cannot stop the emancipation of women. …
I am the blast of the trumpet; I am the call of the bugle. Like Gabriel, I will awaken sleeping souls. “

This is the story of a woman who believes in Tahirih strongly. Nearly 160 years ago. Tahirih’s courage and Faith has shaken the body of human kind.

A woman says: “I am a woman, I have my own soul and heart, my heart dose not allows me to sell my body for a penny- less desire of an unfaithful man who has nothing left in his flash and body to offer, even if I have /had feelings for him. He has proved that he has no respect, no love and no compassion for me as well as any other woman including his wife, the mother of his two children. He looks at me as an object which he has no control of it; he doesn’t owe me which is bothering him all right. So he has no respect for any woman. He might not have had it for his own mother or grandmother since if he had why should he treat any woman like this? He should be born again from the womb of his mother in this world that he may learn about the world of creation which without woman he was not born in this world and now would be buried under tons of dead sperms somewhere in this world.”

But we have/had men in this world, who have proved their love to the utmost to their loved ones, leaving behind what makes human being to pause while visiting the physical sign of their love in this world ,Taj Mahal!

we are crystal makers and/ or life giving water!

Wednesday, July 25. 2007

strong>Yesterday I received this beautiful gift and I thought I should share it with so many people as I can.

“Love and Gratitude”

“The grateful mind takes the form and character of the best and will receive the best.” Wallace Wattles

You may have heard of Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto and his work with water crystals. He was featured in the movie “What The Bleep” and his book “The Hidden Messages in Water” has been a best seller. What Dr Emoto found was that water crystals will reveal harmony or disharmony depending on what the water is exposed to. Not surprisingly, pure water created beautiful crystals, and impure or chemically treated water created ragged, jumbled crystals. However, he also found that water exposed to beautiful music produced beautiful crystals, and water exposed to angry, violent music did not. Even more surprisingly, he found that water exposed to positive, loving intentions produced beauty, and water exposed to negative intentions crystallized in jumbled mess! He performed this experiment by writing words that expressed an emotion on paper and taping the paper to the water container.

Can you guess what words produced the most beautiful crystals? I’ll let Emoto tell you in his worlds. “I particularly remember one photograph. It was the most beautiful and delicate crystal that I had so far seen – formed by being exposed to the words ‘love and gratitude’. It was as if the water had rejoiced and celebrated by creating a flower in bloom. It was so beautiful that I can say that it actually changed my life from that moment on, for water had taught me the delicacy of the human soul, and the impact that love and gratitude can have on the world.” After doing more experiments with these emotions, Emoto wrote “Of course the word love alone has the ability to create wonderful crystals, but love and gratitude combine to give the crystals a unique depth and refinement, a diamond-like brilliance. I also discovered that the love and gratitude crystals actually look more like the gratitude crystals than the love crystals. What this suggests is that the gratitude vibration is more powerful and has a greater influence.” As a result, Emoto came to this conclusion:
” I suggest that having twice the amount of gratitude as love is the balance we should strive for.” Now , Emoto is not suggesting that we have less love! What he is saying is that we should cultivate more gratitude. The grateful mind literally takes the form of the best as Wallace Wattles said ’You are shaping your body with your emotions. That is something to think about, isn’t it?”

Comments; As the Dr. Emoto writes: “I suggest that having twice the amount of gratitude as love is the balance we should strive for.” So we might have a new formula for life giving water, which is H20, and it might be, ‘gratitude 2 love’ and this water is not from this world but the other one and it might be the one which humanity was/is going after it for ages and since it is not limited to this world only so don’t expect to live eternally here on this earth but live eternally as long as His Kingdom lives.
So if above discovery is a true one, that I believe it is, this law should be applied to our own body- water which is 99% of the whole body. So we might be making different kind of supposedly crystals from our own good or bad intentions for ourselves or others and if, God forbid, one day one ragged crystal breaks into pieces in our bodies it would damage first our own beings , physically and spiritually, and than would be effected those who are closer and surrounding us. So be careful when you think that you are digging a well for others to fell in that you might be the first one to be hurt and fell into it.

A gift from the heart to the First Nation!

Thursday, July 19. 2007
Earth/ Red Race

Fire /White Race

Air / Yellow Race

Water/ Black Race

Baha’u’llah says: “O CHILDREN OF MEN!
Know ye not why We created you all from the same dust? That no one should exalt himself over the other. Ponder at all times in your hearts how ye were created. Since We have created you all from one same substance it is incumbent on you to be even as one soul, to walk with the same feet, eat with the same mouth and dwell in the same land, that from your inmost being, by your deeds and actions, the signs of oneness and the essence of detachment may made manifest. Such is My counsel to you, O concourse of light! Heed ye this counsel that ye may obtain the fruit of holiness from the tree of wondrous glory. “

To the Nation of peace and harmony on Earth!

To those who have been suffered so much to preserve what they had /have believed in and it was/is our home, Earth, as well as warning other Nations to do so.
Although unheard but their efforts will be remain and documented in entire history books as well as the minds and the hearts of those who were/are just.
To a Nation that they may know their own prophecies and in a main time to know that there are other people, Baha’is, The follower of Baha, Light, who are sharing their visions and informing the world by saying that we need earth to live on , which is a sign of Red Race, air to breath in, which is a sign of Yellow Race, fire to purify, which is a sign of White Race, and finally Water to quench our thirst and beautifying our earth, which is a sign of Black Race.

Baha’is believe that God created this creation for one reason only, which was/is that each kingdom reach to its own maximum capacity to grow, spiritually and other wise.
-He wanted stones to enter into their heaven, which was becoming diamonds, reflecting light on the fingers of His image on earth, men;
-He wanted plants to grow so high reaching out to the sky giving oxygen and being sacrificed as food, for their upper kingdoms;
-He wanted animals to teach us unconditional love and be friends with their upper kingdom, men;
-He wanted men to reach out to his/her maximum spiritual capacity to be a part of the unknown world, His world;

So He created earth and it’s surrounding as sun, stars, moon, and all other parts of universe, to reflect His beauty upon His creation that one day we use all these worlds to become spiritually free and become as four strong Pillars for the foundation for a New Civilization.

So only one Force, One Energy, One Great Power and One Great Spirit can save and preserve, Earth, which is Red Nation by helping them to keep and save this beautiful earth to be a place to live on. God says: “Great is thy blessedness, O earth, for thou hast been made the foot-stool of thy God, and been chosen as the seat of His mighty throne.”.

Only one Faith, One God can save ‘water’, Black Nation, to keep this earth alive and beautify our surrounding. As God says: “This is the Day whereon the rushing waters of everlasting life have gushed out of the Will of the All-Merciful. Haste ye, with your hearts and souls, and quaff your fill, O Concourse of the realms above!”

Only one Faith, one common Belief can save ‘fire’, White Race, to be united, using their power to purify the world instead of burning it into ashes. As God says: “Thou art My lamp and My light is in thee. Get thou from it thy radiance and seek none other than Me. For I have created thee rich and have bountifully shed My favour upon thee.”

Only One Faith , One Belief can save ‘air’, Yellow Nation, of being polluted helping others to breathe in pure oxygen enjoying the perfume of unknown by sending it to every cell and atoms of our beings. As God says: “This is the Day whereon every sweet smelling thing hath derived its fragrance from the smell of My garment- a garment that hath shed its perfume upon the whole of creation.”

Finally only one Faith, One God can unite all above Races helping them find each other, reaching out to their own origin, by uniting them as one Nation which was created from same substance , fire , giving them different jobs to do as ‘earth’, ‘fire’, ‘water’ and ’air’. These above elements of life are holding fire, oxygen, in their bosom hiding it for the
sake of creation and existence releasing their energy when they reach into a hidden and right place of every kingdoms of God as human beings, animal, plants and mineral, unless they are forced to divide or break by the act of nature or human beings, as we all have been witnessed. We saw a single atom was broken and took so many lives with itself or/and when injustice went too far that nature rebelled against human life and earth opened its mouth and fire covered all our surrounding or/and when one ocean emptied its water like a cup of tea on top of our heads and finally now that we have damaged the our shield, which was/is protecting us from the extreme lightening from the sun, and we are suffering from what we have created by our own hands. So we have forced earth, water, air and fire to go against us by not being united and giving our hands together making a circle around the earth in four direction praying for this earth and its surroundings that it might be survived and our future generation could be born upon it and they also reach their own spiritual capacities, as we have, on this vest universe.

So the time has come that we have no choice but to reach out to our own core of existence and be transformed spiritually. There, at core, we would see the cycle of life working with a fire of Faith burning in every living thing, a fire which is originated from the Great Fire and is entrusted in all living things depend on their own capacities to hold on.

And we might have this amazing vision seeing;
- ‘earth’ is holding fire in its breast letting water running on its surface while breathing in an air through its nasals;
-we will see ‘air’ is hiding fire, oxygen, in its being for the sake of creation , moving freely on the top of water and earth filling every empty space, which is surrounding us and giving one part of its own existence, oxygen, to those who need it most without making any choices;
-we will see ‘water’ is moving on the surface as well as deep down of the earth giving life to every living things while keeping fire, oxygen, in its breast for the sake of preservation of creation and reflecting light and its colour on our faces, letting go of its energy in a hidden place, our bodies, in plants and/or in any other living things for the sake of existence;
-finally we will see ‘fire’ being powerless to practice its power of burning, purifying and transforming one thing to another without other elements of existence (earth, air, water).

And if we had this beautiful vision of creation we will know that we all are created from same substance and from one Spot, which is a Spot of Unity and has no colour, where all created things were/are created from a spark of Light and each Nation is reflecting one colour from its origin on the surface while hiding others in itself, but the time has come to open our eyes , the inner eye, to see this Light on all faces and those who have this bounty, seeing with inner ‘eye’, will be born from this womb , earth and its attachments, to a bigger and an amazing cycle of life , which is a vest space ,larger than this universe , with a new power , which is allowing them to fly with the wings of spirit while their bodies are grounded here on Earth, and then they would see the God‘s light on every living things as well as the reflection of His Face, as He , Himself , says : “Nothing remaineth except My Face, the Ever-Abiding, the Resplendent, the All-Glorious. “
And finally those who have reached to this station of life they might enter into a place, where they have been created for from the beginning, and it would be “The Presence of God” as long as His kingdom lives.

what a beautiful day!

Friday, July 13. 2007

Today is July 13, a number which is a number of transformation ,as ancient says, and thanks God I am transformed and have been falled and/or pushed into a new cycle and a bigger one, where I am more closer to the Sun. Although one tread of my attachment to His creature was vanished but it was painful process and a big step. But those who were pushing me towards Him might be mourning now for my birth to a new world where they won’t see the ‘old of me’ unless God wants me to go back and visit them again, and it should be His choice only not mine. So I take this opportunity to thank them for pushing me from where I was, where it was a small place and I had been experiencing loneliness ,although I was with them. God showed all the right ways to all to find Him in their hearts and first giving them choices and second there would be one or few people to be appointed for pushing them towards what they have been destined and created for, so that they finally would be ‘present’ in ‘His Presence’. But God blessed them for what they had down to me pushing me closer to my Beloved. Now I am with all His creatures connecting with the spirit which runs through every cell of my body as well as the entire universes.

True believers or angles (philosopher’s stone and/or people behind the Throne!)

Thursday, July 12. 2007

Bab says: “Death does not separate the soul of the believer from his previous scene of activity, but only increases his powers. All those who work for this great Cause will continue to do so whether they are in the body or out of it. If martyred, they will attach themselves to those who can best secure this influence, and the power of these will be doubled or quadrupled by this dynamic assistance of those who have already left the scene of outward action.”

Yesterday I read the following Holy words from Baha’u’llah , it seems everyday one mystery or puzzle of life unfold itself in front of our eyes;

Baha’u’llah says: “…and now, concerning His words: “and He shall send His angels…” By “angels” is meant those who, reinforced by the power of the spirit, have consumed, with the fire of the love of God, all human traits and limitation, and have clothed themselves with the attributes of the most exalted Beings and of Cherubim, That holy man, Sadiq, in his eulogy of the Cherubim, saith: “There stand a company of our fellow –Shiihs behind the Throne.” Divers and manifold are the interpretations of the words “behind the Throne.” In one sense, they indicate that no true Shiihs exist. Even as he hath said in another passage: “A true believer is likened unto the philosopher’s stone.” Addressing subsequently his listener, he saith: “Hast thou ever seen the Philosopher’s stone?” Reflect, how this symbolic language, more eloquent than any speech, however direct, testifieth to the non-existence of a true believer, such is the testimony of Sadiq. And now consider, how unfair and numerous are those who, although they themselves have failed to inhale the fragrance of belief, have condemned as infidels those by whose word belief itself is recognized and established. And now, inasmuch as these holy beings have sanctified themselves from every human limitation, have become endowed with the attributes of the spiritual, and have been adorned with noble traits of the blessed, they therefore have been designated as angles.”

The Fire of.....

Tuesday, July 10. 2007
What takes anyone to change a stone into a diamond, or an ignorant to a wise one or/and a wise one to a spiritual man?
It must have been an amazing fire from within which consumes the one who is doing the job as well as the one who is going through the process of purification. This fire breaks every atom of their veils until one day people see their true faces in this world. But why one should be wasting her/his precious life to change a stone into diamond or helping one stone- human like being to become a human only, when their true beings are buried under a tons of garbage?
I think only one power and one fire can change these human like animals to become human again and that would be the power of Faith which transmute and pulled them from one cycle to the next until they come out from their hiding places and change and become human beings again.
So I love to meet more real faces in my life and I love to live my life like an eagle waiting for alive ones to come around not like those who are hiding and waiting in a dark place to attack the body of dead ones to live on. So they love dead ones like themselves since they don’t have to sacrifice something for something more and as we all know being alive would cause pain but who can cause pain to a dead body!?

philosopher stone!

Tuesday, July 10. 2007
Last night it was a program on discovery channel about ‘philosopher stones’ and those who were/are after finding the secret of life that they can/could transmute metal into gold and/or live eternally on this earth.
It was very interesting that how many people spent all their lives to find this mysteries stone and most of them were killed by people or died because of using dangerous matters to find the secret of creation. The thought came into my mind that how come the Manifestations of God, knowing this secret, didn’t use it in Their own hardships and live eternally here, on earth, if this life and gold were so precious to Them?
And not only They didn’t use it for themselves they wouldn’t tell us about it openly that we, the children of God live here, on earth, eternally with so much wealth and comfort?
And instead of giving us Their secret They have warned us about being attached to this world and its belongings.

And I came to this conclusion; (just a thought!)
This secret must have been a condition, which those who were/are going through those processes of purification or hardships to change metal into gold they, themselves, become transformed. They went through those fires so many times themselves, as their metal or any substance which they were using it, but since they were after gold they didn’t see what they had been become themselves. They might have been become empty, like a reed, in one or two moments of time when His breath went through them and in those precious times, which were timeless, they had a power of transmuting human soul as well as metal into the gold. But those who want nothing from this world going through the fire of purification will experience such a profound joy by His presence, moving by the breeze of His Will and doing His orders in those precious moments and returning to their own humanly station, waiting for the next chance to come around. So they won’t bother to go after gold or want to live on this earth eternally since they don’t see or feel any separation between this world and the world beyond.

I have been there!

Friday, July 6. 2007
Have you even been in the presence of a spiritual person and feel that some how his/her presence change the atmosphere of the room as well as yours? I was, and it felt like her/his spirit taking me off the ground flying feeling weightless. And again, have you ever been in a presence of a man or a woman so attached to this world, matter, feeling that there is no air to breath in and your body’s weight is millions times heavier, pulling you ,your spirit, down under his/her love for this solid and heavy matter? I was there too!

those who fool themselves!

Thursday, July 5. 2007

There is myth saying that there was a young shepherd who was trying to make a joke with the people of the near by village. During the day he would started screaming desperately that wolfs were coming to kill him and his sheep in the middle of the desert. Poor people, who were so afraid for his life, running to rescue him but as soon as they would reach there they found him laughing at them. So he did this to so many people so many times not knowing that one day wolfs would come. One day when a group of wolfs approached the poor shepherd and his sheep he started screaming from bottom of his heart waiting for someone to come but no one showed up and he and his sheep were eaten by hungry wolfs while people were laughing at him in the village enjoying themselves that this time its their own joke on him. A poor man, who had believed he could fool so many people for so many times, didn’t know he had fooled himself instead by paying a high price which was his life. I am telling this story since I have known few people who are doing the same thing to themselves, only themselves, so they might read this story and be awaken so they, God forbid, wouldn’t be perished ,drowning in their own well of lies without anyone goes to rescue them or grieving while they are eaten by the inner wolfs but laughing at them while they are dying.

The secrets of a woman's heart!

Wednesday, July 4. 2007

From his, Kahlil Gibran, words to describe my own feelings:

" I am now a most enlightened person regarding the needs of a woman's heart_that throbbing heart which is like a bird flying in the spacious sky of love....It is like a vase replenished with the wine of the ages that has been pressed for the sipping souls...It is a book in whose pages one reads the chapters of happiness and misery, joy and pain , laughter and sorrow. No one can read this book except the true companion who is the other half of the woman, created for her since the beginning of the world."


Tuesday, July 3. 2007
Yesterday I saw a wooden statue of Christ on the Cross ,which was left at the garbage cans. Someone had given up hope or her/his sign of Faith for another one to pick it up. It was so sad to see it. I, myself, didn’t take it since I believe in Him without any question or needing any sign to remind me. But what I saw it was a sad sign. Then something happened to me too that I knew that how many unbelievers are living and surrounding us which are playing a small part of a big picture of those who put Christ Himself on the Cross. These people although unknown for what they are doing whenever they see the signs of love and faith ,which are/were created in the human hearts by His Manifestations, they would try their best to destroy them by the fire of their ego and anger. And I know few of them. They cannot stand light, love and faith, light closes their eyes and love and faith darken their hearts since they are accustomed to darkness. So yesterday I experience one atom of His pain and suffering when I wanted to obey His rule and believe me it was beyond any human capacities.


Tuesday, July 3. 2007

we should be fearing death!

Monday, July 2. 2007
Why we should be fearing death when all the Faiths, as those who had near death experiences have testified that death is an opening to a peaceful world, a world of light and love, which has been premised to us to become free from pain and suffering from this world? There are only few signs which have given to us proving that after this life would be another one, some comes with Faith and we should accept them by faith and others that we experience through our lives, like dreams. There are people who are rejecting the life after death, believing that everything would be ended in this world, but as we all had/have dreams which have become true ones in our lives, specially those dreams which we had dreamt at dawn when our physical bodies were in deep sleep and detach from all thoughts and worries from our daily lives, so what is it that start moving freely when our heavy loads, bodies, are on the ground and are nearly motionless? Whatever it is, this part of our existence will be detached when our times comes to end, a part which we call it spirit. Our spirits experience pain, joy through our bodies, learning knowledge through our mind and feeling love, hate, compassion and anger through our hearts. When spirit detached completely from body this mysterious existence moves like ether or wave, filling up every empty space in this universe with a power which depends on its expansion and experiences in this world, and becomes an amazing energy which moves freely and moves every motionless beings from its place. The power of spirit and its movements would be depend on pain, joy, love and hate which it had created while it was attached to this physical body. So it will be experiencing pain which it had caused in every living things in this world, it will experience joy which it had created in every living things, it will experience hate which it had created in every living beings, it will experience light which it had created in every living things, so it becomes what it had been created in this world and that would be his/her hell, which is remoteness from God, or heaven which is their nearest to God.
So we might be fearing death because we become awaken into another world, a kind of awakening which there is no chance to sleep again and become forgetful, a fear of being confronted with so much light to see every atom of our own beings as well as our own doings while living here in this world, which we might not be happy to see specially when there is no power of free will or power of choice and chance to change what we can not change anymore.

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