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This page is contributed to my son and his dear wife.

Saturday, August 25. 2007

I cannot and I won’t let my happiness and my feelings surface from deep down of my soul into my heart since my happiness is like an ocean and my heart’s capacity is like a cup. A cup cannot contain ocean. So I take one small portion of it tasting its sweetness everyday. So you might see me quite and clam but I am carrying an ocean with myself and this ocean is hidden behind the door of my heart. But I can only say this: A precious part of my being, my son, is being united with a beautiful girl and she becomes part of my own being too. So this marriage has expended my soul’s space more than ever.

our only chances .....

Wednesday, August 22. 2007

The only chances which are given to us are to live in time and space for a short time, learning and practicing the rules in order to live eternally. So if we don’t learn the rules and living accordingly when the time ends and space releases us from itself by force we will be lost in a vest universe and for few moments we become like spaceman who is released and cut off from his ship looking desperately at the ship, which is leaving him behind, from a small window but there is no way to be connected again and/or to reverse what was down for better and/or taking back the above chances which are gone forever.

Who we really are?

Tuesday, August 21. 2007


When modern physics has proved that we, our bodies, and the world of existence, matter, are made of concentrated waves and waves are made of movements, so in reality nothing is existed except the energy which is creating movements and waves. And the world of existence, which is a manifestation of One Act and was created by One Will and One Wave, is in a big danger since we are becoming the opposite force of the Force of existence by creating waves of hate, fear, unfaithfulness and injustice instead of creating the same waves of above Force , which are the waves of love, courage, compassion and justice and ‘be’! not knowing that in reality we are only:

“The manifestations of our own movements in
time and space”.

today is my birthday!

Sunday, August 19. 2007

Today is my birthday, a day which I obviously don’t remember it well! But I can say one thing about that day; that how my parents felt and/or how they were happy to have a child, a daughter who never cried even as a child. Years later I had become their own best friend instead of being a problem. In past 15 years I lost them both but since every child carries the essence of his/her parents and the parents live through their own children in this world, so I would try my best to be a good medium that they feel every essence of my happiness but not my pain. This year I will miss their physical present more than ever, since the end of this month my son is getting married, although I know they will be spiritually present. So you haven’t seen my actual picture yet, but whoever you are you have seen the paintings which are visualizing the conditions of my soul, but today I would like to share with you my parents wedding’s picture. As modern physic has proved that we are only concentrated waves so those who passed on should be expanded and fill up all the spaces which are surrounding their loved ones. And today they, my parents, are surrounding me with love the same love which they felt when the doctor put me on their bosoms for the first time.

the power of love!

Sunday, August 12. 2007

Once upon a time I received a gift from a friend, a book from Kahlil Gibran poems. For me, now, is like one hundred years ago! But later on I had no choice but to return it, as I was expecting him to live up to what he had given me as a gift so I returned his gift with a beautiful drawing from Hafez‘s Book of poem, a famous Persian poet, inside the cover of the book. I returned his gift with another gift and today I share the following poems from a same poet with him and/or those who believe in the power of love.
From the Treasuries of Kahlil Gibran ;

The power to
Love is God’s greatest gift to man,
For it never will be taken from the
Blessed one who loves.

Man cannot reap love until after sad and revealing separation, and bitter patience, and desperate hardship.>

be as an eagle!

Saturday, August 11. 2007

Taken from Sancti Epiphanii Ad Physiolocum( Properties of the Eagle):

“The Physiologus says of the eagle that when it grows old, its eyes weaken and its wings become heavy. To renew itself, the eagle finds a spring, then flies up into the atmosphere of the sun, his old wings and dim eyes are burned away. Descending to the water, the eagle bathes three times and its youth is restored. The interpretation says that when our spiritual clothing and sight grow old with sin, we must fly up to the “sun of justice” (Christ) which will burn off our sin; baptism then renews our spiritual vigor.

The Epiphanius version says that the eagle is the king of birds, and lives for a long time, up to 100 years. When it grows old its eyes cloud so that it cannot see, and its beak grows long and curved so that it cannot eat. The old flies high in the air, then dives down to break off its beak on a cliff. It dips itself in cold water and looks at the sun, and the cloudiness of its eyes falls away. The “interpretation” says that the multitude of our sins oppresses us, but through the water of the tears of repentance we will be renewed. "

So be as an eagle bathing in the sea of light and become alive again!

an old eagle!

Friday, August 10. 2007
em>I couldn't find anything to visualize a man and his attachments to this world but a drawing, which shows an old eagle breaking its old beak on the stone since he cannot eat and/or fly anymore, and the following poem from Kahlil Gibran saying:

Gold leads into gold, then into restlessness, and finally into crushing misery.

The life that the rich man spends in heaping up gold is in truth like the life of the worms in the grave. It is a sign of fear.


The good in man should freely flow,
As evil lives beyond the grave;
While Time with fingers moves the pawns
Awhile, then breaks the knight and knave


How small is the life of the person who places his hands between his face and the world, seeing naught but the narrow lines of his hands!

today I lived in a 'New Civilization' for nearly one hour....

Thursday, August 2. 2007

."...... Since We have created you all from one same substance it is incumbent on you to be even as one soul, to walk with the same feet, eat with the same mouth and dwell in the same land, that from your inmost being, by your deeds and actions, the signs of oneness and the essence of detachment may made manifest. Such is My counsel to you, O concourse of light! Heed ye this counsel that ye may obtain the fruit of holiness from the tree of wondrous glory.”
Today I experienced the joy of being as one soul with another human being for nearly one hour, and it was breath taking! Is this the sign of new a civilization on earth?

There are three kinds of people in this world, I mean spiritually!

Wednesday, August 1. 2007
1-Those who turn the mirrors of their hearts towards the Sun and Its surrounding only, although living like all human being but since the Light of the Sun will be reflected on their hearts first and then on their faces, no matter how physically they look, everyone enjoys their company and want to be in their present. Although living and enjoying the life in this world and whatever therein they try not to turn the mirrors of their hearts from the Rays of the Sun since they know for sure He is present looking at them with love, forgiveness and compassion so they are not sinless but a true believer of His Existence.
2-The second group of people are those who are turning the mirrors of their hearts continually from the Sun to the East, to the West, to the North and to the South. Sometimes they reflect this beautiful light on their faces but it depends in what situation they are in. They are doubters who may have the knowledge of all the Books of God they still are not believer since they want to do so many unjust things in this world and it is not in their benefit to be a true believer.
3-The third group of people are those who don’t know the Sun at all, just believe in what they see and/or touch and have, their face are reflecting what makes the hearts of those who are present or in contact with sad, since they are reflecting their love for dead things only and ready to sacrifice everything for it, so when we see them we experience sadness without knowing why. The mirrors of their hearts have turned and fallen on the earth and when you are in their present even if they are physically beautiful you don’t feel anything but heaviness. Their present and being becomes a veil, Eclipse, between you and your Sun. since they don’t reflects any light except what they want from you physically and/or spiritually.
4-But for all above groups of people there are tests to be taken; for the first group the test is much harder and intense since they are the believer and closer to the Sun. For the second group of people they might be less tests since they are, most of the time, in their own doubts so they don’t know when the tests will come and go, at least in this world, and/or until they failed or passed. The third group, are the people who are not having any tests from God since they don’t Him they don’t receive any package or message from His realm. So they are drowning in their own world and drinking from what they have made for themselves and others. Or in a better words they are eating the fruits of their own deeds.
So for the first group it will be always a danger to fell into the second or third group of people, it would be like falling from eight storeys building on the ground, which is much harder and painful than falling from a chair! But the advantage of being closer to the Sun reflecting Its light in this would be returning to Him when the time come , since we will be returned to what we had believe in this world and/or when our bodies be decomposed.

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