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Thursday, September 27. 2007
Rumi says:


There’s another kind of male
Who keeps a caged animal inside himself.
He’s got to dominate.
No tenderness or blessings there.
But it’s tender kindness that makes us human.
Anger and hot desire, something else.

Perhaps she really is a light
from God,
and not that soft and
rounded form you see.
Maybe she is the breath of creativity,
maybe she wasn’t created at all !

his eagle's eyes will be missed !

Monday, September 24. 2007
he is flying to his Beloved, towards the Sun to .....

Yesterday an distinguish Baha’i man was passed to the Spiritual Kingdom. His life was so fruitful that volumes of books cannot be just to explain what he had down for humanity during his life time. Although unknown to the world outside the Baha’is community but he was one of those people who played an amazing rule to establish the New Civilization on earth and one day all the humanity will be benefited from it.
He was a true believer with eagle’s eyes. I never forget his eyes, which were so deep, looking for a living food. So he passed as he left behind the legacy of being the ‘Hand of the Cause’, who were appointed to become the Hands themselves, passing around the cup of living water.
So who am I to write about his life since his life was/is engraved in the hearts of millions of Baha’is around the world and this would be my share.


Saturday, September 22. 2007
affections won't be lost!

From Kahlil Gibran;

The heart’s affections are divided like the branches of the cedar tree; if the tree loses one strong branch, it will suffer but it does not die. It will pour all its vitality into the next branch so that it will grow and fill the empty place.”

Today I have lost one branch, which was broken under the pressures and conditions of life but when I read the above writing from Kahlil Gibran I knew that my heart will be refilled and will find another way to spread love and affections since nothing will be lost as long as we are walking on a right path.

happy brithday to my dear spiritual father..

Wednesday, September 19. 2007
he is standing in front of the Sun, the King and I am.....

here ....

In our hidden and/or spiritual world every one of us has someone to connect with. So we are sitting under the tree of their lives eating the fruits of what they have down or they are doing in their own physical and/or spiritual worlds.
So I am blessed as I am sitting under the tree of someone’s life, who is my spiritual father.
Tomorrow is his birthday and I have nothing to give to him except my acknowledgment of what he has down for me so far;

“He is a father who is looking for a real love for her daughter instead of being afraid of losing her to another man since he dose not want her to be alone in her entire life and he keeps watching every move which she makes in his silent as long as he sees her in a right path, but if he sees her falling so he comes forward.
He loves those people whom she loves most and even more than herself since he forgives them before she does, as he is always standing in front of her so he always gets the first wounds. She is a grown up woman so he teaches her his lessons first by his silent and then by love and wisdom. When she is in pain he waits until she delivers what she was carrying inside herself and then he shows her the new born baby, which is a new wisdom and/or his new lesson. So she is like a pregnant woman giving birth continually to a new ‘she’, going through the pain of growing up.
He is present in her laugh and her sadness and he cries when she cries. He is so close to her that he breaths in from her soul and she breaths in his. She loves him more than herself since she does not feel any separation. When she loved someone and she was ignorant of being in love he showed her her real feelings teaching her what take to be in love. When she was down thinking that she was flying he summoned her to stand up from where she was, so he sees the real of ‘her’ guiding her through the falling and/or flying. So he shows her where she is now and who she is, that she won’t be lost.
He has been built a light tent around her being with his prayers, which she can see through, knowing what is going on since he doesn’t want her to go through the same pain again and again, the pains which she had gone before, because there is no lesson to be learnt from the old pains. He is like a refry in tennis match sitting on the high chair watching both sides without prejudice. So she might be broken few veils to see one world or two with his lessons but he is sitting on top of all veils. The way he is acting and walking is like a Night of the King doing what the King wants him to do receiving orders and passing them to whomever he desires. So with his sword of love and wisdom he might be the spiritual father to so many and this is the only her side of story, which is documented in more than 350 dairies and they are full of his lessons as well as her shortcomings.”

dance like a dervish!

Saturday, September 15. 2007
Dance like a dervish;
toe on the ground, hearts on fire,
skirts ‘souls’ on the air,
while life giving water ‘blood’ is running,
circling around the centre of our body ‘hearts’,
connecting to the universe beyond this universe
getting closer to the one, where we will enter therein
when we have no toes to put on the ground,
no hearts to throb,
no blood to run into our veins,
becoming soul itself!

The power of 'Now'!

Friday, September 14. 2007

The other day someone was asking me that why we should be involved in matters which were connected to God and His services when first of all we were not worthy of it and second we have this life only to enjoy. He was very into the power of ‘now’ and present. The only answer which came to my mind was that as physic has proved that we are only concentrated waves which are moving by the unknown energy so we might be the manifestation of our movements in time and space so the only times and spaces of our lives, which will become eternal, are those when we are connecting to something eternal and as a result we become eternal too.
Although we might think that we are not worthy of it but since we are attaching to the Wave, which was created from the beginning of time and space and is going to eternality, so we will be moved by Its movement emerging with above Wave and those moments and spaces of our lives will stays as long as the above Wave is existed.
So it doesn’t matter what we think about our own station in life as long as we are following and moving in the shadow of the King and His movement in time and space. And this is the power of ‘Now’!

How to live our lives if .......

Thursday, September 13. 2007

To know and have knowledge of something or someone is essential since the knowledge carries the essence of what was the main purpose of that created thing or person and /or the reason of their beings in our lives. At first we don’t know the wisdom of their beings and/or present and we either enjoy being and/or seeing them and even receiving pain from them, but as time goes by and the space, which is surrounding us, changes to a bigger one so our capacities to enjoy and knowing the ‘life’ itself and our surroundings will be changed and we will be changed to different beings too.
As earth circling around the sun it takes us with itself so smoothly that we don’t even notice it but we would not be the same person, as a physical being, as we were yesterday, so we are far far away from that object or person who we met a year ago today. So what will be connected them to us should be something beyond our physical bodies something which is moving with the speed of light and it might be our spirits. So our spirits may and will identify what was the main reason of their physical existence in our lives and our minds should be always ready to receive the signals which are sending by our spirits that we may identify them and knowing those who were/are surrounding us and why.
So the more distance or disconnected we are from the power of our spirits we won’t receive the knowledge of what is going on in our lives at the present time. So the above knowledge gives us freedom and detachment and by changing time and space our hearts become expanded accepting more precious objects and more precious people and again this process continues until we leave this earthy realm to live in the world of our hearts only. The shinning lamp, which is guiding us through this process, is believing in Light Itself and that we may not be attached to the time and space and those who were/are coming to our lives and to remember that there would be always pain of detachments since to taking off from an old place to a new one always needs more energy and pain as we are leaving behind everything, which we were/are accustomed to.
But we should not look back but looking forward for what is coming to us, imagining ourselves as one mirage which is leaving earth behind for amazing experiences in universe and it will never look back and it never carries the earth on its shoulder while leaving everything behind.
So be and live as a fire , water, air and earth at the same time if you want to live the life in its fullness!

What is real honey?

Wednesday, September 12. 2007

Love is a fire which purifiers the impure part of our beings before sitting on its thrones, which would be our hearts, and then we will test the sweetness of its honey.
So don’t try to play smart with love or pushing that God let you eat from the honey of love before you become purified. So don’t fight with God, this is His gift to whomever He wants to give since He doesn’t want to give it away to the one who is unworthy of it and is not ready to sacrifice whatever he/she has, sacrificing all for the sake of heart.
So those who are only walking on the path of their own desires they are bewildering in the darkest forest of life without lamp, grabbing whatever comes handy and available in that moment of time until one day they will be buried under the piles of satisfied desires without testing the real honey which is love.

Because of what happened 6 years ago in such a day...

Wednesday, September 12. 2007

I have a vision and/or dream for our planet as well as Four Races of the world; seeing them mingling with themselves and others as follows;

- Red race ‘earth’ is holding fire, White race, in its breast letting water, Black race, running on its surface while breathing in an air, Yellow race, through its nasals.

Real Beauty!

Monday, September 10. 2007

These days are pause days, like the moments of silent between notes of music and/or silent moments before another turning point coming into my life. So I will pause and let Kahlil Gibran say his wisdom words to you.

What is beauty? In Kahlil Gibran ‘s words Beauty is :

Beauty is that which attracts your soul, and that which loves to give and not to receive. When you meet Beauty, you feel that the hands deep within your inner self are stretched forth to bring her into the domain of your heart. It is a magnificence combined of sorrow and joy; it is the Unseen which you see, and the Vague which you understand, and the Mute which you hear- it is the Holy of Holies that begins in yourself and ends vastly beyond your earthly imagination.

Beauty is that harmony between joy and sorrow which begins in our holy of holies and ends beyond the scope of our imagination.
Beauty is not in the face;
Beauty is a light in the heart.

What is body?

He who endeavours to cleave the body from the spirit, or the spirit from the body, is directing his heart away from truth. The flower and its fragrance are one, and the blind who deny the colour and the image of the flower, believing that it possesses only a fragrance vibrating the ether, are like those with pinched nostrils who believe that flowers are naught but pictures and colours, possessing no fragrance.

Visions and dreams!

Friday, September 7. 2007

<strong>This morning I felt sick to my stomach when I had a vision of seeing a confused man not knowing what he wanted most in this world going from one place to another from one woman to another and between these two there was a well and he was drowned in its depth. I saw him and even talked to him but he was so fearful of losing one for the sake of another that he couldn't think probably being lost in his thoughts. So he left and I had no choice but to write this few lines contributed to those who are walking in a same path as he was/is.

The dreams and/or visions, which their beholders keep them in themselves and had never been manifested in this world, are like rotten seeds which are decomposed and because of their bad smell they kill their beholder first and then bother the people who are surrounding them. So don’t be happy because you were/ are successful in hiding them from the man’s eyes but rather be fearful of what is developing inside your being, which are rotten seeds and suppress feelings of agony and feeling sorry for yourself . Since the seeds of dreams and/or visions would not be destroyed but stay with you as long as you live unless you do your part and your best to manifest them in this world no matter what.

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