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Monday, March 31. 2008
Gary L. Matthews continues:

Lacking form, volume and position, an intellectual reality cannot be pictured, nor can it be detected by any physical senses or instruments. ‘In explaining these intellectual realities,’ says Abdu’l-Baha , ‘one is obliged to express them by sensible figures’ which must never be taken literally: So the symbol of knowledge is light, and of ignorance, darkness; but reflect, is knowledge sensible light, or ignorance sensible darkness? No, they are merely symbols. These are only intellectual states…. But when we seek for explanations in the external world, we are obliged to give them sensible form…. These expressions are metaphors, allegories, mystic explanations in the world of signification.

Abdu’l-Baha was not content to state this idea simply as a nebulous spiritual precept. Instead, as noted above, He boldly applied it to the physical world in a scientifically testable way. Let us turn now to these scientific implications of His teaching.


The Missing Ether

Prophecy 29: The nonexistence of a mechanical ether (the supposed light-carrying medium posited by classical physics) and its redefinition as an abstract reality. …….." until tomorrow

I am back!

Monday, March 31. 2008
sensible realities & intellectual realities

I am back! And I am happy to share with you a part of the book called THE CHALLENGE OF BAHA’U’LLAH, which I was lucky to read during my absent. A Baha’I Prophecies for Scientific Discoveries and/or about ‘sensible realities’ and ‘intellectual realities’ and the very interesting subject called the ‘intelligent force’ and/or ‘ether’!

Gary L. Matthews writes:
‘All objects of human knowledge, according to Abdu’l-Baha, (Son of Baha’u’llah)
fall into one of two categories: they are either ‘sensible realities’ or ‘intellectual realities.’ Sensible realities, as the name implies, are those we can detect with our physical senses such as sight, hearing and the like. These are the familiar objects of everyday experience- shoes, ships and sealing wax; raindrops and roses; ‘ stuff you can hit with a stick’, as someone once explained it. ….An intellectual reality, on the other hand, is one that ‘has no outward form and no place and is not perceptible to the senses’. The term ‘intellectual’ in this context does not mean imaginary, nor does it refer exclusively to generalities like ‘patriotism’ or ‘the square root of pi’. As ‘Abdu’l-Baha explains it, the expression includes such intangibles as the human soul and its qualities –realities which exist and produce concrete effects in the world, but which are abstract in that they occupy no space and have no specific physical location: ….if you examine the human body, you will not find a special spot or locality for the spirit, for it never had a place; it is immaterial. It has a connection with the body like that of the sun with this mirror, the sun is not within the mirror, but it has a connection with the mirror…. The mind has no place, but it is connected with the brain… In the same way, love has no place, but it is connected with the heart; so the Kingdom has no place, but is connected with man.”

Keep in mind what you have read tonight until tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 11. 2008
“The soul is the green life-force of the flesh. For indeed, the body grows and progresses on account of the soul, just as the earth becomes fruitful through moisture.” We are meant to nurture and harmonize with creation. ‘Sinful’ means not in harmony with the world around us.”
“the ‘web of the universe’ supports us….the life-giving green-ness of God’s hand holds us…. The creative green-ness of the Spirit nourishes our earth…”


The Nurturer and The Advocate!!!

Monday, March 10. 2008
The Nurturer and The Advocate!!!

For past few days or so you might read the real life stories of some amazing women in history. But today you will read about the life of those women who have played an important role in the history of all Faiths. And again I owe it to the classes which I have attended to;

“Exemplary women: The Nurturer and The Advocate

Among the immediate followers of each Founder were two especially praiseworthy women –one of whom exemplified ‘responsive-nurturing’ roles, while the other exemplified ‘active-assertive’ roles. Taken together, these women provided models which helped to balance the patriarchal societies in which the major faith traditions developed

“Each of the major world religions has developed…a female figure who acts as a role model for women…. a role that has emphasized the virtues of comforting and nurturing. This s figure has often been the mother or wife of the prophet-founder…. (But there is also) an alternative role model, one that takes them out of the home and is more socially active. This has usually been the figure of a female disciple of the prophet –founder of the religion who took an active role in the organizing and promotion of the religion in its early stage. “

1-Moses’ sister Miriam was a nurturer and Deborah was among the greatest of the ‘judges’ instituted by Moses for leadership during the conquest and settling of the Holy Land; she was also esteemed as a ‘prophetess and poetess’.

2-Zoroaster’s mother Dughdao was His nurturer and protector, and Zoroaster’s daughter Poruchista was a fearless missionary for the ‘good religion’ (Zoroastrianism)

3-Krishna’s first and most helpful wife, Rukmini, was the very essence of devotion, faithfulness and service. Drapaudi, was a courageous heroine who supported the just side in the Mahabharata War and dismantled the warrior caste.

4-The Buddha’ mother, Mahamaya, though she died soon after His birth, was the most receptive and nurturing woman in Buddhist tradition, because she cared for the Buddha from her heavenly abode, and bested the gods in her understanding and support of the new Dharma, the most active and assertive woman in Buddha’s story was Mahaprajapati, His step-mother and aunt, who overcame the Buddha’s initial resistance to establishing an order of nuns.

5-Jesus’mother, Mary has been the most revered woman in both Christian and Muslim history (astoundingly), honored as a saint, and held up as the exemplary ideal of loving devotion and nurturance. Mary Magdalene ministered to Jesus in the Galilee, served as ‘apostle to the apostles’, and was honored as a pioneering representative of women’s ministry in the early Church.

6-The first wife of Muhammad, Khadijah, encouraged Him to embrace His role as prophet of the Arabian people, was the first to embrace Islam, and was the mother of Fatimah (the most lauded Shiah Muslim woman). Aisha was Muhammad’s second wife after the death of Khadijah; she was an intelligent, assertive, well-educated source of many Islamic traditions and a matriarch of the early Muslim community.

7-Tahirih, the Bab’s only female disciple, was perhaps the most courageous, eloquent and spiritually gifted woman in religious history, who championed the new Faith and established decisively the cause of women’s equality in the new age of humanity’s maturity. Bahiyyih Khanum, Bhaa’u’llah’s daughter, was a very nurturing and supportive figure in the formative decades of the new Faith, cultivation positive relationships with many officials and even heading eh Faith on several occasions.”

Notes: the above women, whom were living in different centuries, time wise, and in different places, were walking on a same path toward the Light and/or Faith. That is why they were doing the same things each time a Manifestation of God was appeared in this world.
The way they had lived they touched the core of existence. They are not only present in history‘s books or /and religious books but rather living in the hearts and the minds of humanity.
Their life stories are like reading myth’s stories with one big difference that in myth’s stories we know end. But here, in real world, we don't see the end which is invisible. We might not feel the King’s Presence in our life, Who is surrounding us, but the above women saw Him in different time and space, felt His present and at the end they rushed to their Beloved. Baha’u’llah says in Hidden Words:



There is another name for those who were/are martyred and/or they spent all their lives severing humanity, they call them ‘Shahid’ which means someone who was/ is witness to something. To be witness means to see all!!! So they might be suffered physically and they did but their spirits were witnessing something beyond this world at the time of suffering. And now we feel their love in our hearts. Their love has its own roots in every heart and if we call upon them the ‘root’ and /or the ‘rope’ will be shaken and they will turn their face towards us looking at us and/or they might pulling our spirits up to the heaven for a short time visit and/or to see the end, time to time!!!


Monday, March 10. 2008

I owe the following beautiful summaries to a scholar, Mr. Harold Rosen, whom I was fortunate to attend his classes.
The followings are the life stories of two amazing, mystic women living in 4th and 18 Century. You will see the similarity of their lives and you might ask yourself how long the humanity needs to become mature if there is any time left for it?


A reflection by HYPATIA, a Neoplatonic Philosopher-Martyr spiritual profile….living on 355- 415 , Alexandria, Egypt, a central figure in late classical antiquity…in the Alexandrian School of Neoplatonism,,, said to have had a strikingly beautiful appearance, but also ‘beyond concerns of gender & sexuality’ , after being gruesomely killed by a ‘Christian mob’ for allegedly siding w/ Orestes against Bishop Cyril, she was revered as a ‘martyr for religious freedom, philosophical questing & women’s equality’, she was from prominent family, daughter of a prominent scientist –mathematician, she was called ‘divine guide’ with ‘oracular utterance’, ‘blessed lady’, ‘protectress’, ‘leader of a chorus of souls’, ‘mother & sister…… “Raise up the divine within you to the first-born divine”

She writes: The Allegory of the Cave—Plato

Imagine people bound by chains in a cave, facing a wall…
behind & above them is the mouth of the cave…. people & objects pass by the mouth; a fire behind them casts shadows on the visible wall….the prisoners can only see shadows of the people & objects behind them… therefore, for the prisoners, the shadows are ‘reality’.

But a philosopher breaks free, sees the mouth of the cave…. he sees the fire behind the people & objects… he realizes that the fire has been casting ‘mere shadows’… he then goes out into the ‘upper world’, seeing things even ‘more real’ than the people & objects below… he sees the Source of all light—the Sun itself.

After the philosopher’s eyes adjust, he returns to the cave, tries to enlighten the prisoners, to free them from illusions… they laugh at him, & would kill him if they could reach him.”


Tahirih –a Baha’i Visionary –Martyr spiritual profile—living in 18 Century.

She was called ‘Pure One’… ‘Crown of Gold’ …’Solace of the Eye’… ‘Point of Ecstasy’…’Return of Fatima’… ‘The Virtuous’ …the ‘Persian Joan of Arc’…was perhaps the most powerful woman in religious history, given her moral fervour & courage, intellectual prowess and articulation, spiritual intuition & foreknowledge, poetic artistry… renown for her inner & outer beauty…born into a prominent family of religious leaders, she undertook higher Islamic studies---astonishing for her time & place … mother of 4 children …defying her family’s wishes, studied & embraced the teachings of coming of the Promised One…declared herself divorced from her husband, due to his infidelity to the Cause of God…later, the king proposed marriage to her, but she refused and & accused him of gross injustice ….saw in a dream a young man w/ hands raised toward heaven, reciting wondrous verses in a melodious voice ,,,,upon waking, wrote one verse down…later, a friend gave her some writings of the Bab ( Herald of Baha’i Faith, claimed to be the ’Gate’ of the Promised One of All Ages in 1844)…verse of recognition: “ The effulgence of Thy face flashed forth, and the rays of Thy visage arose on high….’Am I not your Lord?.... ‘Thou art, Thou art !...” ….after declaring her faith in the Bab in writing, she was made one of the Bab’s 18 disciples, the only woman among these ‘Letters of the Living’… spread the message persuasively that the Messianic Age was at hand… spoke out eloquently and courageously in all major cities …..when her proofs were not convincing, she challenged adversaries to ‘trials by ordeal’…. warned fellow Babi leaders that they must be ready to sacrifice their lives for this Divine Cause…. “Let deeds, not words, be your adorning”…..evidence of her high spiritual station….foreknowledge of events still to come & un-revealed teaching… knew a decade in advance that Baha’ullah would declare himself the One prophesied by the Bab… foresaw biological & spiritual evolution on other planets… functioned as ‘intermediary between the new Prophets & their followers… foresaw details of her own martyrdom. …her ‘un-veiling at the Babi conference was un-precedented in Islamic history…. “Suddenly the figure of Tahirih, adorned & unveiled, appeared before the eyes of the assembled companions. Consternation immediately seized the entire gathering… Her unruffled serenity contrasted sharply w/ the affrighted countenances of those gazing upon her face …. In language (like the Quran) she delivered her appeal (on the necessity to break radically from Islam) w/matchless eloquence & profound fervour…. “I am the blast of the Trumpet… I am the call of the Bugle…. I am the Word which (Promised One) is to utter…(It shall) put to flight the chiefs & nobles of the earth!”….arrested & confined in Tehran….stirred up entire capital city….special government delegations questioned her in 7 conferences…. addressed all questions & charges w/ indisputable authority…. “When will you lift your eyes toward the Sun of Truth?” …..shocked by her fearlessless , they sentenced her to death….. “You can kill me as soon as you like, but you cannot stop the emancipation of women”….in 1852 , a woman of 38 years old, dressed in a gown of snow-white silk, told the mayor’s wife: “ I am preparing to meet my Beloved let no one disturb my devotions. I intend to fast… until I am brought face to face with my Beloved” … a silken handkerchief (as planed long before) was given to the executioner as the instrument of her martyrdom…. Strangled, her body was lowered into a well & covered w/ stones just as wished & foreseen.”

In one of her poems she writes”

The Realm of Ecstasy

I am a jewel –You are the jeweler.
I am silver—You are the mine owner.
I am a seed—You are the husbandman
What is in this body of mine if You have become me?
If You have displaced me,
What is this corporal form of me?....
Though mortal, I have become eternal through remembrance of Him;
Truly, I am a drunkard when it comes to that sacred wine;
I am athirst in the valley of wonderment.
I am a wanderer in the desert of affliction
Who can know what will happen next to my emboldened heart?...

The world between heaven & hell!!!

Sunday, March 9. 2008

I am flouting between heaven and hell like a water lily flower. When I look up I see the heaven and as soon as I see it I start flouting into it and see what one cannot imagine except those who experience it .
I see heaven spreading its skirt for all, covering all, reachable to all, unbelievable, its beauty takes my breath away, the love which I feel is unimaginable , its inhabitants are surrounding me keeping me in their hearts as I am one of them ! Although I know I am not! I don’t see any ‘mind’ there is no room for ‘mind’ (logics) for such a beauty, they smell me like they are breathing me into their own existence , smelling me like a beautiful perfumed follower, their love for me is not from this world is something else, I cannot describe it, it is part of my own being, there is no room between their love and mine, there is no any dark spots, it is only light, I feel love as I have never felt before, they touch me like they are touching their own souls., they bath me in a sea of light, they cool me down with the life-giving water, they dry my tears with the heat of their love, they make me cry because of their love. They tour me all over the universe of the heaven, they teach me how to walk around the earth with only four steps , they teach me how to break the rules of time and space, they teach me how to go back to time and space again, they take away every atom of my pain, replacing it with joy , they never let me down , they give me milk when I am acting like a child they replace milk with wine when I am acting like an adults, they teach me how to love , to be faithful, where there is no love or Faith.
Later on they accompanying me to the door of the middle world to live my temporary moments in it. They do it with such a love and compassion that it takes time until I can come to my earthy senses again. They want me to be and live in present time to learn and find my own way to their realm. They don’t want to keep me there before my time comes, they want me to become worthy of their world, that one day I become one of them touring others for the sake of knowing where they are going if they choose the right path.

But now that I am back, standing in the middle of these two worlds, I look down from where I am standing but again I can’t see without experiencing the world itself, which is under the feet of all of us . There is a strong power of attraction, which is pulling me down and I have no choice but to go with the flow and now I see the burning hell that you cannot image, unless you experience it. I am flowing into it and I feel the burning fire penetrating into every atom of my being, I see the seeds of intentions , good and/or bad , continually breaking into pieces by extreme fire for the upper kingdom to see their trees and/or sweet or bitter fruits , I see people are burning in the fire of their own deeds not others, I see some become purified and leave this ugly world, I see some people who loses chances which are giving to them ,dropping into the fire again like heavy stones to be polished and purified. I see seas of sadness flowing from every direction without end, I see the seas of regrets flowing from every direction without end, I see their beginnings but I don’t see the end! I see people burning but still grabbing and swallowing more fire!

I cannot stay in this world, I have no courage to see more, I cannot stand it! The people of this lower world are so busy with themselves, they don’t see me and they don’t take me back to the world above but they push me to its door with the fire of their hatred and faithlessness, no one can stand this world except those who are belonged and/or accustomed to it. So I come back to the world where I am supposed to live with its rules and orders. I have visited both worlds, heaven and hell, and I know how they look like and I know where I want to “be” at the end of this path.
Now I am standing firm without looking up or down looking forward knowing that I should keep my balance that I won’t fell or fly to any of them before my time comes and/or before I become worthy of being one of the inhabited of the upper level. I know now that those people, who are working down there, are the engine of the world above, this world, they push its inhabitants by making more fire releasing so much energy for those ones , who have kept their balance, to move forward towards the Light and visiting the upper level more often. So those who are conscious of the purpose of their existence are living in the middle world or the world where they can see the both worlds, heaven and hell, they know the difference between them but they also know that for each step that they take there is a danger of falling and/or flying before their time comes to end.
So the key is to be firmed and/or balanced looking forward to the Light,which is beckoning us, and not looking to the left (down) or to the right (up), going forward to the end of this path (life) and at the end when path ends , at the last breath ,we either fly to the upper kingdom or falling into the hands of envious. And remember that all these stations has nothing to do with God, but all depends on our own capacity and efforts to grow wings and becoming bird and/or becoming big heavy loads falling into the lower kingdom.

But also remember that we shouldn’t look down at those people, who are working in hell since they are the force of our detachment from the middle world and/or they are the engine of the above balanced realm , and finally they might develop wings before they reach at the end of their own path ‘life’.
So there is no judgment for those people and there is no praise for those who are visiting the upper kingdom more often since there is always a chance of falling down.
And at the end only God knows who is going to fly and/or who is going to fall and these are all my own reflections of the Light, Which was shined on my mirror’s heart this morning! With so much love until when the next rays comes along!!!

To become a shadow of God's Shadow!

Friday, March 7. 2008

How to become a shadow of God’s Shadow and become eternal and/or perfect!!?
Always shadow follows the light so when there is no light there is no shadow! If you want to become the follower of Light and become Its shadow read the following beautiful writings from Kahlil Gibran.


You ask me, my brother, when will man reach perfection. Hear my answer:

Man approaches perfection when he
feels that he is an infinite space and a sea
without a shore,
An everlasting fire, an unquenchable light,
A Calm wind or a raging tempest, a thundering sky or a rainy heaven,
A singing brook or a wailing rivulet, a tree abloom
in Spring, or a naked sapling in Autumn,
A rising mountain or a descending valley,
A fertile plain or a desert.
When man feels all these, he has already
reached halfway to perfection . To attain his goal he must then perceive
that he is a child dependent upon his mother,
a father responsible for his family.
A youth lost in love,
An ancient wrestling against his past,
A worshipper in his temple, a criminal in
his prison,
a scholar amidst his parchments,
An ignorant soul stumbling between the darkness of his night and the obscurity of his day, A nun suffering between the flowers of her faith and the thistles of her loneliness,
A prostitute caught between the fangs of her weakness and the claws of her needs,
A poor man trapped between his bitterness and his submission,
A rich man between his greed and his conscience,
A poet between the mist of his twilight and the rays of his dawn,

Who can experience, see, and understand
these things can reach perfection and
become a shadow of God’s Shadow.


Friday, March 7. 2008

For thousands of years humanity was looking for Magic cup (Holy Grail) to drink the Magic potion and become eternal and/or The Key, Which opens the door of Eternal life. Rejoice that Both, life- giving Water (Potion) and The Key, are now on hands.
I don’t dare to describe Its Paradise unless with His own Words but those who have drunk from this Holy water and/or they have found the Key to open the door of Eternal life might be living in an amazing ‘world’ as He Himself describes it as follows:

“This is the Day whereon the unseen world crieth out: “Great is thy blessedness, O earth, for thou hast been made the foot-stool of thy God, and been chosen as the seat of His mighty throne.” …”This is the Day whereon every sweet smelling thing hath derived its fragrance from the smell of My garment – a garment that hath shed its perfume upon the whole of creation. This is the Day whereon the rushing waters of everlasting life have gushed out of the Will of the All-Merciful. Haste ye, with your hearts and souls, and quaff your fill, O Concourse of the realms above!”

And again He describes the Paradise saying:

“Within this Paradise, and from the heights of its loftiest chambers, the maids of Heaven have cried out and shouted: “Rejoice, ye dwellers of the realms above, for the fingers of Him Who is the Ancient of Days are ringing, in the name of the All-Glorious, the Most Great Bell, in the midmost heart of the heavens. The hands of bounty have borne round the cup of everlasting life. Approach, and quaff your fill.


Wednesday, March 5. 2008

There is a different between refection and experiencing something beyond this world. We might have same spiritual experiences but we might never share the same reflections on one subject. When we are having spiritual experiences we reach a common place, where we all share, but when we are reflecting on one subject we are sharing what would be our own understanding from that subject. So we might never be in agreements in our views but we have nearly same capacity to experience what is hidden from our own eyes. But on the surface these tremendous disagreements and/or different point of views leave us to live in such colorful and diverse world that without it we would be bored to death, although we should accept all the reflections for the sake of reaching to the point of unity of all. So let me share one of my spiritual experience with you that you might have had it before and /or you would have it if you do what I am doing without predigest!

So whatever you were/are reading in this website except the quotes from Holy Writings and other quotes, which were taken from famous poets or writers, are/were only my own personal reflections and some are my own spiritual experiences. I know for sure that my reflections have a time limit like any other reflections but we reflect the light which is shining on the mirrors of our hearts and share it with so many people but still there are only personal reflections and they would be eternal for the one who reflects them but has a time limit for those who become effected by them. So everyone should become subject to the Light Itself in her/his own life time if they wish to become eternal. So we should not be attached to reflections of other people but use them as a light to take one step further towards the Light Itself , since living under the shadow of other people’s reflections, alone, will/would not be guiding us towards the Light Itself. . All reflections are like the waves on the sea of life they might help us a tiny bit, pushing us toward the shore but they might be disappeared on the midway of our journey and we will be lost again, as we all have been witnessed that how many movements were appeared in this world and were resulted in nothingness and leaving behind hopeless people, who were so attached to their shadows. So we all need to go to the Source of Light time to time and bathing in Its rays. The Light which is shining through the Holy Beings is the only One that we should look for. A Light which was/is shining through the selfless Bodies, Who were living through all the pains and sufferings, which every one of us did go through and/or will go through for past thousand years or the ones to come. That is why They have told us what to do when we were/are hopeless, food less, deprived and loveless. They drunk from every poisoned cups to tell us how is tasted, preparing us for when our turns come along. They were persecuted unjustly so They taught us how to deal with it when we become subject to injustice. It would be impossible for us to guess what They went through during Their life times since we have limited capacity to even guess but Their capacities were/are not limited. So They were/are Oceans and we are the fishes. They are present in a every soul’s mansions , reflecting Their light, Their beauties through its face and They were/ are present when we were/are suffered in the past , present and /or will be suffered in the future time. That is why I feel Their present in my life as I did before and I am sure you feel it too. They will never leave us alone until we know the purpose of our own existence, which is attaining The Presence of God.
So the time has come to recognize Them as They always wanted us to do, as One Soul, Manifesting Itself on different times and in different spaces (bodies). Each time, when Light and/or this Single Holy Soul was Manifested in different time and space the believers were/are identified by following Its Spiritual Teachings. So the followers were/are identified by the Name of the Body, Which was holding the Light in that time, they were called Jews, Christian, and Muslim and so on.
But let us go and experience something new and beyond this world of existence ( time and space), following the Light Itself (Source), become united in our hearts believing that we need only one Light and One Soul to follow , the Soul of all the Manifestations of God, and become Followers of Its Light (Baha) the One Who has united all religions , and then identify ourselves with Him as a ( Baha’i) in this world of Names, believing in all Faiths and one God , for the next thousand years or so, praising Him calling on Him, knowing that He would always answers. Just say ‘Glory be to God’ Allh’u’Abha. This is The Key to the Door Way of unknown world, a Door way, Which is residing deep down in our beings, calling on Him by this Name and we will see the Light beckoning us towards the World , the One which we would never imagined before. We should praising Him by this Name many times, 95 times a day, until we start taking off from the ground of this world ‘space’ and all therein and/or thereon breaking through ‘time’ and then we will see the Doorway. We will see it!

And this is my own spiritual experience along with more than 6 millions Baha’is around the world who believe in unity of God , religions and mankind !!!!


Tuesday, March 4. 2008

The world is like a woman! When the pressures is so tremendous on her and all the dark forces are trying to destroy her and she cannot bare it, she doesn't say anything and/or re-actioning instantly to those who are abusing her but she starts going through that sacred and secret door way quietly , a doorway residing inside herself, which it is an opening to the Light within, and she become a mystic world, like a mystic woman, and the Light, which was covered by the dust of this world before, will start shining from inside to lighten all her surrounding as well as all the creature living on it and/or in it. Now that we are started to pass through the darkest time of our life we will see the dawn of a new Light, which will be beckoning us towards Itself.
Now we are looking at it, even on the surface, but we don’t see It since the fog of the faithlessness, betrayers, lies and egos doesn’t let us to see properly but the good news is that we don’t need the world to see us but we, ourselves, need to see the world with another eyes. The time has come that humankind has to open a new eye to see what cannot be seen with these eyes, to hear what can not be heard by these ears and feel what is untouchable, the senses, which are not from this world but the next.

The time has come that we need a tremendous Spiritual Force to revive this creation in order to become alive again. Nearly 160 years ago In His Holy words He ( Baha’u’llah) describes the world as follows:

“The earth hath been shaken, and the mountains have passed away, and the angels have appeared, rank on rank, before Us. Most of the people are bewildered in their drunkenness and war on their faces the evidences of anger. Thus have We gathered together the workers of iniquity. We see them rushing on towards their idol. Say: None shall be secure this Day from the decree of God. This indeed is a grievous Day. We point out to them those that led them astray. They see them, and yet recognize them not. Their eyes are drunken; they are indeed a blind people. Their proofs are the calumnies they uttered; condemned are their calumnies by God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. The Evil One hath stirred up mischief in their hearts, and they are afflicted with a torment that none can avert. They hasten to the wicked, bearing the register of the worker of iniquity. Such are their doings.”

Next time, God willing, we will read about the ‘Door Way’, which will lead us to the Mystic World!


Monday, March 3. 2008

If you have ever asked yourself why you were created in this world read the following:

-have you ever asked yourself: ‘why I was created in this vest universe?
-What am I doing here?
-Is the purpose of my creation is to eat, sleep, and hurt and/or love and being hurt and/or being loved by other people and finally leaving this painful world behind?
-Why should I go through so much suffering for the sake of being in this world?
-Is there any logic and spiritual reason for my mother to go through so much pain to bring me into this world and later on go through so much sufferings to educate me?
-What is that purpose which worth going through such a pain and suffering and why should she, my mother, or me bring children into this world to go through the same thing over and over again?
- Were we created to make history and/or become advanced in science to connect to other part of the world in nearly no time?
-Is this the reason of our creation?
-Then why we still have more pain and suffering than before?
-If you have asked yourself the above questions have you ever found the answer?

I have found an answer which is so logic and worthy of going through such a pain and suffering in this world and worthy of bringing another generation to this world , a generation whom we love more than ourselves , our children , to go through the same pain over and over again until they reach to their ultimate destination which Baha’u’llah (the Founder of Baha’I Faith) described it in the most accurate and beautiful way , so if you think you are living in this world for another reason except the following One, believe me you are wasting your time!!!

He says;

“The purpose of God in creating man hath been, and will ever be, to enable him to know his Creator and to attain His Presence. To this most excellent aim, this supreme objective, all the heavenly Books and the divinely –revealed and weighty Scriptures unequivocally bear witness. Whoso hath recognized the Dayspring of Divine guidance and entered His holy court hath drawn nigh unto God and attained His Presence, a Presence which is the real Paradise, and of which the loftiest mansions of heaven are but a symbol. Such a man hath attained the knowledge of the station of Him Who is “at the distance of two bows,” Who standeth beyond the Sadratu’l –Muntaha. Whoso hath failed to recognize Him will have condemned himself to the misery of remoteness, a remoteness which is naught but utter nothingness and the essence of the nethermost fire. Such will be his fate, though to outward seeming he may occupy the earth’s loftiest seats and be established upon its most exalted throne.”

mystic woman!

Sunday, March 2. 2008
mystic woman!

They say that women are more into the mystic matters or they have more chances to become mystic than men although they were/ are created equal. But what it is that forces women to go into the hidden world than men? History shows that nearly all mystic women, who were called witches, were killed or put into the fire by men, by those men who were either spiritual leaders on that time and /or the ignorant ones ,who could not believe that women have hearts and spirits too. So there were no differences between those spiritual leaders and those men who were ignorant. So through out the history and even now we still see and know some men, who are so afraid of the women’s especial power of to become spiritual and they are trying their best to use their power , money everything that they have for destroying her Faith, not knowing that a woman’s Faith is not separated from her body and/or her being and they are divine mixture, so if she losses one she will lose the other too . She knows the hidden doorway which is deep down in her soul and she is always traveling through it and no one can pass it except herself, her soul. So if she sells her body her soul is not present so men only enjoying from her dead body!! But if she fells in love then she gives all that she has, her mind, body and her soul. So until men recognize her station, cherish her soul and her mind they would never get hold of her entire existence and they leave her without feeling completed.

In Tenth century a mystic woman called ‘HILDEGARD OF BINGEN’ says it beautifully; if we want to become co-creator with God! we should become the banner of Divinity and then God will destroy the entire obstacles for us. So our job is to become a divine banner and His job is to take away the uselessness.
So to recognize the rights of every breathing existence in this universe is one of the conditions of making us a banner of Divinity and then God will take away all the uselessness and obstacles between His creation and then and only then we enjoy the feeling of completion, screaming from ecstasy in His universe!

If ever I should behold You, .....

Saturday, March 1. 2008

Now that we have read the 'Seventh Mansions of The Soul' I would like to share with you my favorite poem from an amazing woman called Tahirih. I know for sure that she instantly had passed all above Mansions while living in this world and now she is residing in a realm above. I know for sure that now she is living as a pure soul, as her name ‘Tahirih’ (The Pure One), with a very powerful energy to help women like me. I have called on her so many times and I feel her presence in my life. She sacrificed everything for her Faith and at the end she gave her life for It but she was never feared anyone and /or any power and/or any manmade laws except God’s laws. She was the Bab’s ( The Forerunner of the Baha’I Faith) only female disciple, was perhaps the most courageous, eloquent and spiritually gifted woman in religious history, who championed the new Faith ( Baha’i) and established decisively the cause of women’s equality in the new age of humanity’s maturity. So her poems land on my heart and so many women so we can recite them in such a way that they are pouring out from our own hearts for the first time not hers!

If ever I should behold You,
face to face, eye to eye,
I would be bold to recount my heart's plaint
point by point , verse by verse.

Like Saba the east wind,
I have searched everywhere for Your countenance
from house to house, door to door,
alley to alley, from quarter to quarter.

Bereft of Your visage, my two eyes
have wept such bloody tears,
Tigris after Tigris, stream upon stream,
spring after spring, brook upon brook,

My desperate heart has knitted Your love
to the very fabric of my being,
string by string, thread by thread,
wrap by warp, and woof by woof.

Tahirih has searched every layer of her heart
but found only Your there,
sheet by sheet, fold by fold,
cover by cover, over and over again.

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