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Saturday, May 31. 2008

How conscious we are when we choose our companion and/or choose our own way of life in this world?
Rumi says it beautifully; we should be ‘sooooooooooooooo conscious’!!!!
This is not a small choice which could be corrected very quickly but it is a big 'STEP'!! Because we put our own hearts and minds into relationship and/or the way we are living, so the results will be stayed with us as long as the ‘heart’ and/or the ‘mind’ live. The result of bad and corrupt relationship and/or our own bad choices in life become like corrupted ‘invisible children’ who will be accompanying us in life and in our death.
I have two beautiful faithful ‘visible’ children and I know I have unlimited children from my emotions and I am trying to get out of them before it is too late!!


Wait, and be conscious,
Before you go to meet anyone.

“Whenever two are linked this way, there comes another
from the unseen world. It may be through birth,
if nothing prevents conception,
but a third does come, when two unite in love,
or in hate. The intense qualities born
of such joining appear in the spiritual world.
You will recognize them when you go there.
Your associations bear progeny.
Be careful, therefore. Wait, and be conscious,
before you go to meet anyone.
Remember there are children to consider!
Children you must live with and tend to,
born of your emotions with another, entities
with a form, and speech, and a place to live.
They are crying to you even now.
You have forgotten us. Come back.
Be aware of this. A man and a woman together
always have a spiritual result.

In another poem he says how these children are accompanying us in our tombs either as ‘houris’
and /or. …
He says:
Your fine ethical qualities will run before you after your death—
Like moon-faced ladies do these qualities proudly walk…
When you have divorced the body, you will see houris in rows,
“Muslim ladies, faithful women, devout and repenting ladies”
Without number will your characteristics run before your bier….
In the coffin these pure qualities will become your companions,
They will cling to you like sons and daughters,
And you will don garments from the warp and woof of your works of obedience….


Saturday, May 31. 2008

If you want to know how Universe was created read the following Writings from Baha’u’llah, The Messenger of God and His Son Abdu’l- Baha, the true Exampler of His Father Teachings!
Baha’u’llah revealed how creation became into existence and His Son , Abdu’l-Baha, while sitting on the ‘fine line’ of two worlds of ‘creation’ and its ‘spiritual origin’ described what had happened afterward!
Baha’u’llah says: “…..The world of existence came into being through the heat generated from the interaction between the active force and that which is its recipient. These two are the same, yet they are different. Thus doth the Great Announcement inform thee about this glorious structure. Such as communicate the generating influence and such as receive its impact are indeed created through the irresistible Word of God which is the Cause of the entire creation, while all else besides His words are but the creatures and the effects thereof. Verily thy Lord is the Expounder, the All-Wise.”

Abdu’l-Baha wrote:
Praise be to God Who hath ever caused His Names and Attributes to penetrate the degrees of existence; Who hath made the effects of those Names and Attributes to shine resplendent and their signs to be firmly established in both the hidden and manifest world. By them He hath made the holy realities that are informed by His grace and are the recipients of His outpourings to be the sole revealers of all that pertaineth unto Him, and hath caused them to move through the firmament of perfection in arcs of descent and ascent. He hath ordained these Names and Attributes to be the first and foremost origin and cause of being in the world of creation and the source of the different grades of realities in the degrees of existence. When, through its power of attraction and propagation, the Day-Star of Names and Attributes shone upon the hidden realities in the heart of the unseen realm, they issued forth, were spread abroad, scattered about, set in order, became the recipients of the grace of God and His outpourings, and were made to be the sole manifestations of the Divine conditions and Eternal signs. Emerging from behind the veils, they appeared clothed in raiments of light, moving in the firmament of the unity of God , in orbits of sanctity and circles of glorification. Thus the suns of the praise of the one true God moved resplendent in a vast, infinite space, capable neither of being defined by limits nor contained within the compass of signs and allusions. All praise be to Him Who was its Author and Creator, Who spread it out, and adorned it with countless lamps and never-fading luminaries:
‘None knoweth the hosts of thy Lord save Him’ (Quran, ). He made the circuits of these luminous divine orbs to be their lofty and celestial spheres; and He made the bodies of these spiritual spheres to be subtle and soft, flowing and liquid, undulating and vibrating, in such manner that these refulgent orbs swim in the circumferences of the spheres, and move in their vast space by the aid of their Creator and Maker , their Ordainer and Fashioner.

Divine and all-encompassing Wisdom hath ordained that motion be an inseparable concomitant of existence, whether inherently or accidentally, spiritually or materially. This movement must be governed by some check or rein, some regulator or director, otherwise order will be disrupted and the spheres and bodies will fall from the heavens. For this reason God brought into being a universal attractive force between these bodies to hold sway over them and govern them, a force deriving from the firm ties, the mighty correspondence and affinity that exist between the realities of these limitless worlds. By the operation of this attractive force those holy and resplendent suns, with their luminous worlds, satellites and planets, circling and orbiting in their heavens, at once exerted attraction and were subject to it, induced motion and were themselves moved, began orbiting and set into orbit other bodies, shone forth and caused others to shine. In this manner they became arranged in a perfectly ordered system, each one a handiwork of consummate fashioning and manifest beauty, each one an enduring creation and a conclusive proof. Glory be to Him Who attracted them, laid firm hold on them, imbued them with effulgence, ordered them and set them in motion; and far from His glory be that which any of his creatures can affirm of Him or attribute to Him.


Wednesday, May 28. 2008

Rumi says: I called through your door,
“The mystics are gathering in the streets. Come out!”
“Leave me alone. I’m sick.”
“I don’t care if you’re dead!
Jesus is here and he wants to resurrect somebody!”

This page is contributed to this ‘Night’, the night of Ascension of Baha’u’llah, The Promised One of all ages!
I had nothing to describe such a ‘Life’ looking for some notes that I had from an especial class about His amazing poems, called the Ode of Nightingale and/or the Ode of Dove.
The followings are exact notes, not Poems, and I want to share with you in such a Night!
There is no official translation for His Poems so I did translate some of my notes.

As all the previous Messengers of God had Spiritual Companion, Baha’u’llah Himself had His own, Who was called Houri . So what you read is a glimpse of His longing as well as His sufferings through His Poems!

About The Ode of the Dove and/or The Ode of the Nightingale:
I learned that; how He was in every fire that was ablest for love; He was in every crying eye that cried for love, He was in every Ah! Or Sigh , He was as thirsty as all the oceans of the universe could not quench His thirst, His bones were become as a dust from the heat of His burning, from His sadness the sea of joy dried , the seas are just a drop compare to His tears, because of the egos of those who were blaming Him His Light was hidden behind the clouds, if there were bloods which were shade from eternity to eternity there were His tears from His eyes, He had nothing from this world living in such condition that no tongue can describe it, then He heard the Houri calling Him saying that He shouldn’t talk about the things that they must be hidden!

She ‘ Houri’ said: How many Housens wanted Me and how many Ali’s who were in love with Me, how many lovers who loved Me and how many Chosen Ones that they were like You , Those Who I have chosen Them are screaming from My remoteness and they have never met Me even for one moment, all the lights in the universe are like a flame comparing to My light, all beings are like one ant comparing to My inner Light and all the ablest fire is like a spark comparing to The Fire of My Love, My Own Creation caused all the creations to be exited and from My hand shades all the lights, I was created by His Will and I am an Essence of the Justice, and because of My inner Waves all the seas overflowing and the Holy Spirit becomes excited from the Light of My Beauty, because of one look of Mine Moses was fainted, and from one Spark of My Light the Mountains were become smooth, from My Cause all the spirits become alive again, and from My breathing all the rotten bones were upraise again, is from My Songs that all the birds are signing, and then ……………….”


Monday, May 26. 2008

Principal Caird wrote: If {Man} were only a creature of transient sensations and impulses, of an ever coming and going succession of intuitions, fancies, feelings, then nothing could ever have for him the character of objective truth or reality. But it is the prerogative of man’s spiritual nature that he can yield himself up to a thought and will that are infinitely larger than his own. As a thinking self-conscious being, indeed, he may be said, by his very nature, to live in the atmosphere of the Universal Life.”

A reflection! To live in Universal Life we need a Universal Consciousness, which is like unfolded ‘tablet’ created millions of millions years ago ,and is an ‘mighty carpet’ unfolded throughout eternity and becoming wider and larger as humanity goes ahead but we need a ‘conscious- mind and heart’ to see this ‘mighty carpet’ and /or ‘beauty’ in day light! As Kahlil Gibran describes it so beautifully!
“Beauty is that which attracts your soul, and that which loves to give and not to receive. When you meet Beauty, you feel that the hands deep within your inner self are stretched forth to bring her into the domain of your heart. It is a magnificence combined of sorrow and joy; it is the Unseen which you see, and the Vague which you understand, and the Mute which you hear- it is the Holy of Holies that begins in yourself and ends vastly beyond your earthy imagination. “

We all have dreams at night and/or in our hidden world where it is not seen by others but we close ‘its’ door on day time looking out for what is transient and created by our sensation , impulses ,our fancies and our feelings. And again as Kahlil Gibran says it so truly:
“How small is the life of the person who places his hands between his face and the world, seeing naught but the narrow lines of his hands!”


Sunday, May 25. 2008

"You can kill me as soon as you like but you cannot stop the emancipation of women....I am the blast of the trumpet, I am the call of the bugle. Like Gabriel, I will awaken sleeping souls." Tahirih

PERSECUTION FROM KAHLIL GIBRAN: Persecution cannot harm him who stands by Truth. Did not Socrates fall proudly a victim in body? Was not Paul stoned for the sake of the Truth? It is our inner self that hurts us when we disobey and kills us when we betray.

To those who are still waiting for The Promised One to come!!!

Friday, May 23. 2008

Candles flicker. The nature of light, ever

Rumi describes a scene and /or his vision in which he gazes at the unfathomable ocean, from which flecks of foam appear like figures and forms, only to disappear again when the depths call them back:

The ocean billowed, and lo!
Eternal Wisdom appeared
And cast forth its voice and cried out…
That was how it was and became.
The ocean was all filled with foam
and every fleck of this foam
Produced a figure like this,
and was a body like that,
And every body-shaped fleck
that heard a sign from that sea,
It melted and then returned
Into the ocean of souls…..

The ‘true believers’ and/or the ‘philosopher stones’ were/ are those who had/have the same vision as Rumi had , a vision which that he saw the appearing of the ‘Eternal Wisdom’ crying out to ‘humanity’ and/or their ‘souls’ waking them up from deep sleep creating limitless foams and /or forms on the still ‘Ocean’ of the existence !


BELIEVER: “When you know a thing, you believe it, and the ‘true believer’ sees with his spiritual discernment that which the surface investigator cannot see with the eyes of his head, and he understands through his inner thought that which the outside examiner cannot understand with his demanding, acquired process of thought.
The believer acquaints himself with the sacred realities through deep senses different from those used by others. A believer looks upon his senses as a great wall surrounding him, and when he walks upon the path he says, “This city has no exit, but it is perfect within.” The believer lives for all the days and the nights and the unfaithful live but a few hours.”

To those who are still waiting for The Promised One to come!!!

. For hundreds years before of coming of Christ people were reading the Book of Daniel waiting for the end of the world and return of God to earth. And in recent years people were /are reading the Book of Revolution, the final Book of Bible, and the prophecies for returning of God and/or the Promised One to earth again. In year of 1844 hundreds of thousands of people were gathered on one mountain in USA , waiting for return of God They wanted to see Him with their own physical eyes coming down on a piece of cloud but they were disappointed since He didn’t appear as they had thought He would do. So they thought that they had come one year earlier so they gathered again at the same place the very next year in 1845. But still they couldn’t see Him coming! Although they were guided by the vibrations of their hearts to go to that mountain on such exact date in 1844, but they were looking up to the sky waiting for Him to come on a piece of cloud instead of looking inside their hearts! .

So there are still millions of people who are waiting for Him, the Promise One to come!!!
For those who are searching eagerly and/or they are from the generation who had gathered on that mountain to see His mighty face and being in His presence I have amazing News!
He has manifested Himself on May 23 / 1844 in Shiraz Iran!!! He declared:

“I am, I am, I am, the Promised One! I am the One whose name you have for thousand years invoked, at whose mention you have risen , whose advent you have longed to witness, and the hour of whose Revelation you have prayed God to hasten. Verily I say, it is incumbent upon the peoples of both the East and the West to obey My word and to pledge allegiance to My person.”

He was appeared as all the previous Messengers of God had appeared before Him and were Manifested on earth. He was Manifested as a Holy Soul in a ‘human body’ without breaking any law of physic. He came in the name of ‘Bab’ Which means the ‘Gate’! He came to open the Way and/or Door for the One Who was the Promised One for all the past Religions , passeing through this Mighty Gate, Bab !!! The One Who has come for uniting the world of humanity! He was ‘Baha’u’llah’!

As Rumi saw in his vision He ‘Bab’ appeared as ‘Eternal Wisdom’ crying out to humanity to look towards Him and/or inside their hearts that they may/might know Him but those, who were born spiritually from the generation who had crucified Christ, did to Him ‘Bab’ what they had done to Christ but with modern tools! Since from Christ times science had more advanced so they put Him to death with 750 bullets!! God gives us opportunity and capacities to use knowledge and science for betterment of this world but we use ‘them’ first to kill His Messengers and then to kill other people for the sake of their land, their oil and/or their faiths and/or for the sake of its ownership. So they shattered His mighty body with 750 bullets but His spirit and/or His blood like a Mighty Ocean now is flowing and/or giving life to every created and living things as Christ did and still is doing!!!

And now there are three groups of people in this world; 1-those who don’t care about any above matters and free from all above 2- they are people who are still waiting for Him to come that He can change the world of humanity since they feel, as we all do in day to day basis, that this world is coming to end 3- they are those who know that He has come! They are the believers! they are taking this good news everywhere to tell the world that there is a Remedy for all these spiritual sicknesses and that Remedy now is in our hands, so before it is too late and before humanity becomes so sick that no remedy works, come and take the potion of your part from this Mighty Prescription and do your best working all together that our future generation may live in a new Civilization which we might be dreaming for it now!!
Rumi describes the man-made hell as follows”

Rumi says: “The inhabitants of Hell will be happier in Hell than they were in the world, for in the world they had no idea of God, whereas in Hell they will think of Him--and nothing can be sweeter than knowledge of God.”

So for those of us who are searching and still living in a ‘hell’ the following prayer from Baha’u’llah is sweeter than any other remedy:

“O seeker of truth, if thou desirest that God may open thy (spiritual) eye, thou must supplicate unto God pray to commune with Him at midnight saying: O Lord, I have turned my face unto Thy Kingdom of oneness and immerse in the sea of Thy mercy.
O Lord enlighten my sight by beholding Thy light in this dark night, and make me happy by the wine of Thy love in this wonderful age……”

Good luck to those who are the true seekers of ‘Truth’ and /or ‘Light’!!!!

an acknowledgement !

Wednesday, May 21. 2008

This page is contributed to my Evolution’s class teacher!

Last night in the class someone asked him how he became a member of Baha’i Fiath after being a minister in United Church for nearly 30 years. His answer was so profound covering all the aspect of the subject of his class about human’s evolution from the beginning of time & space until today physically, mentally and spiritually. He answered with his body language, his mind ‘conscious mind’ and his spirit. During this course he taught us that how come through millions of millions of years the universe and the creation were and are evolving that one day the image of God, humanity, would live upon them and how humanity has been evolved physically, consciously and spiritually until he/she can be returning to God, to Whom he/she had come from , but with conscious mind and spirit. He taught us all the aspect of Evolution!
But at the end he proved to us that he was, himself, as one profound example of what he was teaching us through his class. He answered with his entire body language, his penetrating eyes, which were the sign of his conscious mind, and without any shadow of doubt and with absolute ‘certainty’ that he became Baha’i because ‘He was evolved’ !!!

he is now evolved!


Tuesday, May 20. 2008
Come closer !

Rumi says:

One handful of dust says: "I was a tress!"
One handful of dust says: "I am a bone!"
You will be confused --then Love suddenly comes:
"Come closer! I am Life eternal for you !"

From one individual Baha’is!

Monday, May 19. 2008
From heart to heart!

There is a time for revenge and there is time for being good to each other! The time has come that the Government of Iran shows mercy to those who love their government, their Faith as well as the Faith of Islam. So I ask the government of Iran to show mercy to those followers of Baha’u’llah that they may pray for them and for their government and especially for the Land of ‘Ta’ (Tehran) that it will be saved from every danger!!!

blessed are those who........

Sunday, May 18. 2008
The circle of love !!!!

Baha’u’llah says: “Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom”

Just a reflection: If you spend all your life to educate, spiritually, one ‘adult’ human-like into a ‘normal human being’ you might not be succeeded since he and/or she is carrying a heavy load baggage of his/her own experiences from their lives and/or from those who are surrounding them and/or the world’s events and the heavy load of the history of humankind. But if you spend one third of that time to educate the children, I mean spiritually, you will educate thousand of thousand of children through your money, if you have no other means, through your efforts and most important ones through your love for humanity since they are the snow –white pages who absorb the ink of spirituality so quickly and that ‘sublime love’ stays with them through all their lives. So every day choose one Holy verse, Which has special penetrating power and teach It to the children around you and /or put one step further to teach other people’s children and God willing you will see the result of your efforts either in this world and/or the vibrations created by the hearts of those who have been educated and their future generations will reach you in another world! This is the most blessing education which parents can give to their own children, an education which is built inside their ‘children’ hearts like a mysterious ‘code’ and no one can take it away from them since it is not material and it is mixed with their children’s blood protecting them from every danger. So blessed are those who give spiritual educations to their own children as well as the others!!



Friday, May 16. 2008

There is a power in the heart that can make so many vibrations in the atmosphere around the person who is carrying it. But what can heart do with so many vibrations, which are being created constantly by other people’s heart, when she/he receives them and when there is no way to contact their minds and make them recognize that what is happening around them and/or in their atmosphere?
So we better create so many love ‘vibrations’ from our own heats that they may be received by other people’s hearts, by those whose heart are ready, and wait until the ‘love’s vibrations’ will be recognized by their mind and when mind translate the ‘signals’ of the heart into words and manifesting them in this world.
Then we will have a World Peace! A Peace which its roots are in the hearts of the ‘believers’ and the mind of the ‘wise ones’!
And this is impossible unless all the people of the earth recognize the Promised One!!!

Since He, The Promise One, Baha’u’llah , say it Himself:

“Walk thou high above the world of being through the power of the Most Great Name, that Thou mayest become aware of the immemorial mysteries and be acquainted with that wherewith no one is acquainted. Verily, thy Lord is the Helper, the All-Knowing, the All-Informed. Be thou as a throbbing artery, pulsating in the body of the entire creation, that through the heat generated by this motion there may appear that which will quicken the hearts of those who hesitate.”


Thursday, May 15. 2008

Just a remainder:

“Ether is not tangible but when it is appearing and manifesting in a matter you can feel it, touch it and love it! So if one body can absorb this mighty substance he/she becomes one with ‘ether’ and no one can fight this ‘intelligent reality’ except those who become one with it!”
You can share one piece of ‘bread’ and/or your ‘body’ with only few people during your life time. But you can share your ‘love’ and/or ‘blood’ and/or ‘inner wine’ with millions of millions of people and still keep some for yourself. But there are so many and/or unlimited dangers in this path! Those who are 'unbelievers' will rub you, trying to kill your soul and then they revive you by showing love again to kill you again! Since they know that whatever you do is for the sake of ‘love’ so they set up a trap in the name of love for you to fell into it. They even don’t want your body; they want to own your soul. But what they don’t know is that such a soul is like an ‘ocean’ and the capacities to hold on of those people who are not believers is like a cup. How can a ‘cup’ hold on to an ocean? so when one body absorb the mighty substance ‘ ether’ and become one with ‘it’ the ‘soul’ of that body is connected to the mysterious ‘ocean’ which is not ‘mechanical’ but ‘intellectual’, and that soul is not controlled by any man-made laws and/or any other soul who are not connected to this ‘mighty ocean’ and /or ‘ether’. So if you want an ‘ocean’ increase your capacity and if you are happy with one ‘drop’ of His love, which is fine too, don’t try to kill those who have gone so far!!!

The 'cupbearer'!

Wednesday, May 14. 2008
We can share our love with few people through our physical bodies when we can share the same love through the power of our souls with million of million of people. We are able to create love vibrations which eventually reach the hearts and the minds of so many. There is no limit for the love that one soul can receive and/or give. Through this love new science, art, poems, discoveries and invention came into existence. So there is no limit for one soul’s love for ‘all’ since soul belongs to all in heaven and /or earth, where there is no earthy laws works. So when you see a ‘cupbearer’ don’t kill him/her since you might be depriving yourself from life –giving water ‘love’!!
This is a ‘secret’ which is ‘sacred’!




this morning a new light lightened my consciousness again !

Tuesday, May 13. 2008


This morning I read the following prayer again since it is everyday job to clean up and become 'anew' again. With a new 'light' I can see and hear better and finally I live better, at lest for now! I don't want to write 'eternal' nonsenses on the 'page' of eternity, which is now opened in front of my eyes and will be closed tomorrow and/or another minutes or so. So I try to 'be' conscious of my acts, words, intentions that their 'inks' would not paint and/or draw and/or write an ugly pattern on this 'Snow-white' Paper of Eternity!

" ....I beesech Thee make of my prayer a fire that will burn away the veils which have shut me out from Thy beauty, and a light that will lead me unto the Ocean of Thy Presence." Baha'u'llah

The mysterious 'code'!

Monday, May 12. 2008

In ‘Evolution’ class conducted by Harold Rosen I have learnt that :

ORTHOGENETIC EVOLUTION-… view that evolution is purposeful & goal directed…human beings, as the highest or most advanced species, have a specific & genetically programmed ‘directionality’

TELEONOMY- view that information is stored within the genes of each organism giving design & purpose to its functioning & activities… this quality or characteristic is said to be ‘non-material’ & to capture & guide the use of energy so as to produce greater order & complexity … a kind of ordering principle or ‘know-how’ … creationists believe that cells build themselves from designed & coded information, originally created by God

ENTROPY- the general ‘winding down’ or dissolution of all closed systems ….a measure of decreasing energy, reduced order or ‘heat loss’ in physical system…if ‘life’ is governed by teleonomy, ‘death’ is governed by entropy… if the universe is a ‘closed system’, it should eventually ‘rundown’ ( but it may be ‘open’ to Divine power)

LAW OF THERMODYNAMICES- all natural systems degenerate (move toward greater disorder) when left to themselves… everything physical ultimately falls apart & disintegrates (unless outside energy is supplied)….chaos & coldness tend to increase… death is a manifestation of this law….( a source of energy ‘outside the physical universe’ seems beyond the reach of science, as ordinarily understood… can teleonomy overcome entropy?)

Reflection : human ‘s soul might be like a universe, if it is closed to what it is receiving continuously from realm above, it would loss heat ‘love’, energy and eventually chaos, coldness and darkness will increase and ultimately will ‘rundown’ unless it opens up to Divine Power. This Power is ‘non-material’ and can not be measured by these physical tools.
So how we can overcome our spiritual entropy ‘death’ and be alive again by using these mysterious ‘code’, which was/is originally created and built within our souls by God , a kind of ordering principle or ‘know-how’?

I read the following prayer from Baha’u’llah everyday:

(….I beseech Thee …to make of my prayer a fire that will burn away the veils which have shut me out from Thy beauty, and a light that will lead me unto the Ocean of Thy Presence.)

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