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To those who have deprived others from their ‘right’ of living!!!!

Tuesday, June 24. 2008

To those who have deprived others from their ‘right’ of living!!!! Don’t panic you have already been punished!!
You have already lost your ‘right’ of being loved , you have already lost your ‘right’ of being around the faithful ones, you have already lost your ‘right ‘ of being respected!! There is no biggest punishment for such a deed!!
Wow ! Such a big price for such a small thing!!

When I have posted the article bout the ‘Right’ of created things in ‘general’ the screams of those who in one way and/or another have some share of breaking this Holy Covenant, are reaching to the seventh skies!!
This Holy Covenant, in reality, is Divine Order for recognizing everyone’s right from ‘its’ birth until ‘its’ death!!! These people have become so defensive since they feel the danger of being subject to ‘justice’ through the law system in this world. So they fear that they lose some material means but they don’t know that breaking one ‘law’ and/or ‘right’ of ‘its’ beholder is like breaking all other ‘laws’ and /or ‘rights’!!!
One cannot break one piece of chain of ‘law’ and/or ‘right’ without effecting the others!!! By breaking the ‘fourth law’, people won’t love us, people won’t have faith in us and people won’t respect us!!! I am not allowed to hate anyone for my own sake but I, for sure, don’t fell in love with and/or respect and /or trust those who have their own share of breaking any laws, although I, myself, am subject to any wrong doings and I am not exceptional and it is my deepest belief to forgive and be forgiven!!!
The punishment and/or reward is always hidden in the ‘seed’ of one ‘act’ and /or ‘intention’! So ‘its’ sweet fruits might be like immersing in an ocean of ‘love’ with a ‘crown’ of ‘respect’ while holding on to the rope of ‘Faith’ in this stormy world!!!
This ‘Chain’ of ‘Right’, which is divided into four important ‘rights’, will keep us safe in four directions and from the contrary ‘winds’ coming from the East ! and the West! and the North! and the South! while living in this world!! And this mighty ‘Chain’ will come to end when the time of our departure comes and we become attached to one and only ‘holy spot’, our ‘Soul’!
So to live with: Love+ Faith+ Respect+ Right of living= is heaven
And to live without: Love+ Faith+ Respect+ Right of living = is hell


Tuesday, June 24. 2008

I have learned the following lesson in Baha’i conference in past two days!

Every created thing from one piece of grass and/or animal and/or one human being, when manifested in this world, has an especial ‘Right’ to live! This ‘Right’ must be practicing first by ourselves as well as others that ‘all’ can reach to their own ultimate perfection and/or to reach to their own ‘heaven’! And how everyone is responsible for his/her own perfection as well as others no matter which kingdom they are belonged to!! So I have a responsibly for myself as well as to other created things, which are surrounding me, to reach to the state of perfections as much as possible!! Wow! What a responsibility!!

And the followings are my own reflection about the ‘Right’ of one human being and/or one of our ‘kind’!! Since I have found out that we learn to take care of another living things like animals and plants so easily, but we still have problems when we come to another human being!! :

The ‘rights’ and/or ‘Right’ which has been given to each one of us by God at the time of ‘conception’ are as follows:

1-The ‘right’ of love: to love and to be loved

2-The ‘right’ of faith: to be faithful and to be around the faithful ones

3-The ‘right’ of respect: to respect others and to be respected by others

4-The’right’ of living: to give the ‘right’ of others to them and to receive ours from the ‘right- takers’ too

So we have a ‘Right ‘ to receive all above ‘rights’ and all other ‘rights’ of life are hidden in above four ‘rights’ too !! So if you are among those who are deprived from their own ‘rights’ go and claim them now!! They are yours!! We are born to love and to be loved, we are born to be faithful and to be around those who are faithful to us, we are born to respect others and receive respect from others too and finally we are born to give other people‘s rights of living that they can live comfortably and we have the right for our own well being too and if they, the ‘right-takers’, refuse to give it back to us we should go and claim it now, it is ours!!!

Since before we were born in this world God has given all above ‘rights’ to us , to the people around us and to those who are coming to our lives later on. So we are the one who should first practice all above ‘rights’ and then claim ours from others what were belonged to us from the beginning of time and space, our birth!!

And with this way ‘justice’ will be established in this ‘unjust’ world! And remember we should never apologize for it!!

The connction between 'now' and 'then'!!

Monday, June 23. 2008
There is a 'treasures' in any news which we receive!!

Never ignore any ‘news’ which you receive since there might be a hidden ‘treasures’ inside it!! Always do your own investigation until the ‘news’ proves right and /or wrong to you! And even if it was wrong you wouldn’t fell into its ‘hell’ since you are searching for the ‘truth’ with open eyes and guided by your own heart’s bits!!

I should say that ‘Now’ has no power, the 'power' is hidden in the action, which we are taking ‘now’, at this moment!! So these actions are pushing and guiding us towards our destiny! So to live in ‘now’ is to act ‘now’, an act that takes us one step closer upward and/or inward and/or toward something new, which was unknown before, and it could be a ‘ paradise’ comparing to where we are standing ‘now’!! This ‘paradise’ might be one step away! So take one step towards 'it' and putting the next ‘one’ into ‘it’!!!

For sure you will learn so much about ‘hell’ and/or ‘heaven’ when you go back to where you were standing before and with this knowledge, which you have acquired during your investigation for ‘truth’, you become much closer to where we all are looking forward to get a glimpse of an ‘eternity’!!

Since 'eternity' is not far away from where we are standing ‘now, ‘it’ is wrapped into the beautiful magic box of ‘Now’ and/or ‘News’!!


Wednesday, June 18. 2008

This morning I was thinking that how Messengers of God use same words as we do in our daily lives but Their words attracting and penetrating into every heart, but our words are vanishing into the world of existence without effecting anybody’s heart and/or soul and if ‘it’ does is because it was coming from ‘heart’ ?!!! And each time that a new Messenger appears in this world He would blowing with His Own Holy Words on the ‘Fire ‘of Faith which was going to die in the ‘heart’ of humankind in order to rekindle It again!!!
And I have come to this conclusion: that the way They, the Messengers of God, use words and the way They are putting them together and the arrangement of the Words might be created a pure Channel and this arrangement is not yet completed unless They breath Holy Energies and/or Fire into them like a empty Reed!!! So when we read these Holy Words, which are the Words of God, the Divine Energy flows into our hearts!!!
But we all know that there has been always a Hidden Spiritual Forces which was/is hidden from the eyes of man and Abdu’l- Baha explains this Hidden Spiritual Force and/or the Divine Energy as follows:
“The blessings of Baha’ullah are a shoreless sea, and even life everlasting is only a dewdrop therefrom. The waves of that sea are continually lapping against the hearts of the friends, and from those waves there come intimations of the spirit and ardent pulsings of the soul, until the heart giveth way, and willing or not, turneth humbly in prayer unto the Kingdom of the Lord. Wherefore do all ye can to disengage your inner selves, that ye may at every moment reflect new splendours from the Sun of Truth.”
So ‘heart’ might be like a ‘medium’ for these two Divine forces to reach each Other and/or to meet!! The above Hidden Divine energy , which is lapping against our hearts, and the Words of God, which are being renewed time to time with coming a New Messenger in this world, in reality are One Spiritual Force but as every ‘lamp’ needs two opposite forces to be lighten, ‘heart’ might need two opposite Divine energies to be lighten too!! They are coming from ‘opposite’ side of each Other, ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’, Face to Face meeting each Other in the ‘heart’ of a believer!!
What a ‘medium’!!! What a ‘spot’ and/or ‘heart’! where ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ worlds meet each other in perfect correspondence and as a result of this meeting a ‘lamp’ will be lighten in the ‘heart’ of beholder, and this ‘light ‘ will guide the ‘mind’ to walk on a right way!!!

what happened on June 17 years ago!!!

Tuesday, June 17. 2008

Nearly twenty five years ago on June 17, in Iran Shiraz ten members of Baha'i Faith were martyred because of their Faith!! Ten women and girls from 16 years old to their mid thirties. They were killed because they didn't want to deny their Faith breaking the Covenant which they had with God. They wanted to show that as a human being they had a right to believe in something that was so personal and 'intimate' with God and no one had a right to take it away !! They were killed because they didn't want to deny their own Right which was given to them by God !! So their spirits were freed from their bodies , the 'closed systems', releasing so much spiritual energies in the world of existence , which now is working mysteriously for betterment of the world!!
So please look at the above Pavilion to see the strong Rope of His covenant , which is holding the world of creation in its place!!!!

Crises and Victory!!

Monday, June 16. 2008

This page is contributed to a 'man' who happened to be my younger brother!! A man, who has gone through so much pain and crises in his personal life but he has seen the signs of ‘Real Victory’ out there, in Africa, connecting himself to ‘It’ by giving services to humanity regardless of their Faith, colour and /or making names for himself and/or others,!!! :

I am attending a spiritual class called ‘Ruhi’ and this time our research was to talk to people about the ‘crises and victories’ in their lives and/or their opinions about it. The first reaction to this question was so funny since they started laughing saying that they were still in the state of crises waiting for victory to come!!! They laughed but I could see the sign of pain and strangely enough the glow of Faith on their faces!!

Then we started a serious conversation about the above subject and we came into the following conclusions: that if we look into our own life only, seeing one small room, where we live, limited surrounding and the happenings in our lives ‘we are definitely in ‘crises’!!!… But if we look further into the world of existences and its creation we might see the signs of Victories are blooming like flowers around the world!! In order to see the glow of victories and/or faith on the face of every beholder even in the time of tragedy and/or crises we should be detached from our own limited world !! And since this earthy life is temporary in its ‘victory’ and/ or in its ‘crises’ so the Eternal victory would be when we are participating in one ‘Act’ and /or ‘Deed’ which is part of the Whole as my brother is doing it quietly!!!


Sunday, June 15. 2008
cyrstal of love

“You may have heard of Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto and his work with water crystals. What Dr Emoto found was that water crystals will reveal harmony or disharmony depending on what the water is exposed to. Not surprisingly, pure water created beautiful crystals, and impure or chemically treated water created ragged, jumbled crystals. However, he also found that water exposed to beautiful music produced beautiful crystals, and water exposed to angry, violent music did not. Even more surprisingly, he found that water exposed to positive, loving intentions produced beauty, and water exposed to negative intentions crystallized in jumbled mess! He performed this experiment by writing words that expressed an emotion on paper and taping the paper to the water container. “

In this day , Father’s day , I have nothing to say to my father , who is now in another Kingdom , except that he just had made beautiful ‘crystals of love’ in 99% of my body’s water container!!! I am still carrying these beautiful crystals with myself and in such a day I am offering my ‘gratitude’ to him!!!


Friday, June 13. 2008

They asked Abdu’l-Baha, the Son of Baha’u’llah about trails and unexpected troubles. He replied, "Creation is interwoven in a natural law and divine order. Everything is interlinked. A link cannot be broken without its having something to do with that natural order."
What happened if one ‘atom’ breaks and/or one natural substance breaks into pieces? We all know the answer! But what happened when a ‘heart’, which is a physical manifestation of our souls, breaks? We all have some idea about this breakage too!!! But since we don’t see its consequences, like breaking an atom, we might become either forgetful and/or starting reasoning ourselves that what we had done were 'just' and/ or were necessary!!! The consequences of breaking a ‘heart’ is not comparable to breaking one atom ,it is beyond our own imagination! We become a cause of something which ‘its’ effects is not killing millions of millions of people in this world but creating an atmosphere which every created and living things will be breathing ‘it’ into its lung even ‘nature’ !!! This atmosphere becomes the part of our living environment as long as we and/or our future generation live!! As Abdu’l-Baha said since natural law and divine order are interlinked so if we break one ‘divine order’, which is a ‘heart’ and is medium between divine and natural order , we might be waiting for one ‘natural law’ to be broken too!! So we should think not even ten times but hundred times when we reach to the point that we think we have no choice but to say and/or to do something to break one ‘heart’!!!

for betterment of the world!!

Thursday, June 12. 2008

I have seen so many injustices which have been done to so many people with my own two eyes!!
I have seen that when the victims of injustices have tried their best to defend themselves and want justice to be done badly they themselves become subjected to injustice again!!! It seems the more we fight for justice we become subject to ‘injustice’ unless God sends one, who is crueler than the first ‘unjust one’ to destroy his/her cruelty !! It seems that it is not in the power of the ‘wrong one’ to kill the ‘evil’ but ‘Evil’ can kills so many ‘evils’ until ‘Justice’ become part of the human nature and since there is room for ‘both’, which are ‘evil ‘and ‘angel of justice’, in one body ‘evil’ will leave and ‘angel’ and/or justice will stay and we won’t need ‘Evil’ to kill ‘evils’ anymore!!
But until then we sit back watching how two ‘wolfs’ fighting and killing each other for the betterment of the world !!!!


Sunday, June 8. 2008

In Baha’I Faith we are advised to be disconnected from those who officially announce that they have broken their covenant with God. But there are people around us who unofficially break their covenant with God every day thinking that since they have not announced it so it is ok!! Then I read the following Writings from Abdu’l-Baha the Son of Baha’u’llah the Founder of Baha’I Faith that how the sound and/or motions of every creating things ,no matter if they have souls or not, will affect our souls.

And now I know the ‘wisdom’ of this law of ‘being disconnected’!!!

In the book of Some Answered Questions in respond to the questions about the influence of the stars upon human soul He answered:
“ …..with regard to the spiritual influence of stars, though this influence of stars in the human world may appear strange, still, if you reflect deeply upon this subject, you will not be so much surprised at it. ……..But I mean that this limitless universe is like the human body, all the members of which are connected and linked with one another with the greatest strength. How much organs, the members and the parts of the body of man are intermingled and connected for mutual aid and help, and how much they influence one another ! In the same way, the parts of this infinite universe have their members and elements connected with one another, and influence one another spiritually and materially. ……For those who deny spiritual influence upon material things we mention this brief example: wonderful sounds and tones, melodies and charming voices, are accidents which affect the air- and by these vibrations the nerves of the tympanum of the ear are affected, and hearing results. Now reflect that the vibration of the air, which is an accident of no importance, attracts and exhilarates the spirit of man and has great effect upon him: it makes him weep or laugh; perhaps it will influence him to such a degree that he will throw himself into danger. Therefore, see the connection which exists between the spirit of man and the atmospheric vibration, so that the movement of the air becomes the cause of transporting him from one state to another, and of entirely overpowering him; it will deprive him of patience and tranquility. Consider how strange this is, for nothing comes forth from the singer which enters into the listener; nevertheless, a great spiritual effect is produced. Therefore, surely so great a connection between beings must have spiritual effect and influence. “

A reflection: so if one solid star in such a distance can affect my heart and /or soul, what will happened if I hear a sound and /or receive the vibrations of one human being’s voice , who has no love for others except himself and has broken his covenant with God so many times?
We know that every motion and/or voices are constantly creating waves to reach our ears and /or hearts that we may become happy and/ or sad and these emotions stays with us for few day and/ or months until it goes away by prayer and /or connecting to the Higher Power.

So the voice of those who break their covenant with God, unofficially, and consequently with His creation might be carrying the essence of their heart even with one ‘Hello’!!! . So if you don’t want to be suffered from these unseen sicknesses escape from their side and even if your earthy belongings are with them forget about it since your souls are priceless and when they ‘your souls’ are safe and living in poverty they are ruling a ‘kingdom’, your heart’s kingdom !!

fearful, limited and unfolded mind!!!!

Friday, June 6. 2008

Kahlil Gibran says:
“The law of evolution has a severe and oppressive countenance and those of limited or fearful mind dread it; but its principles are just, and those who study them become enlightened. Through its Reason men are raised above themselves and can approach the sublime.”
If the law of evolution requires raising above ourselves so what happened if we don’t?!!

So such a person, as Kahlil Gibran says it beautifully; ‘is a person who places his hands between his face and the world, seeing naught but the narrow lines of his hands!’

And again Gibran explains those who have fearful and limited life saying:

“Gold leads into gold, then into restlessness, and finally into crushing misery.”
“The life that the rich man spends in heaping up gold is in truth like the life of the worms in the cage. It is a sign of fear.”

I , myself , know a few who are selling their ‘souls’ for the sake of ‘Gold’ and you might know some too. God bless their poor souls who will be leaving this world without their beloved ‘gold’!!!

Universe’s loneliness!!!

Tuesday, June 3. 2008

There is felling of ‘absentee’ in atmosphere which is surrounding us! You might have this feeling too! Someone has left us alone to ourselves. He has left us to ourselves that we may appreciate His presence when He come back again to us. This feeling is different from the time when He was present and we were alone by ourselves since by coming someone to our lives we wouldn’t feel lonely but now we feel alone even with all the people around us and/or without them. Even we feel the loneness of those who are close to us!
It seems that earth is distancing itself from the other parts of the universe circling around itself receiving light from sun and moon at day time and night but there is no ‘ love’ in their rays, we don't even feel the heat!

This loneness might be from the ‘absentee’ of Real Friend not a friend!! He might have given up on us. I know for sure that my words are not just regarding to His love for His creations but I know that if we don’t call upon Him He wouldn’t turn His Face toward us to answer!!

This feeling of loneness may push us through this dark part of the universe, which is within and without, make us to call Him again that He may turn His mighty Face toward us and those who are ready and/or those who are the first ‘recipients’ of His love become an illuminated ‘crystals’ reflecting the Light of His Face upon humanity saving the world of existence and finally be killed by the hands of the envious, by those who are accustomed to darkness and afraid of Light! Since in Day Time, when Light is on, they cannot even dare to see their own real faces. So they will kill the messengers of ‘lights’ since they can’t touch the Light and/or Him!


Monday, June 2. 2008

Last night I saw an interesting program on TV about Maya’s‘prediction and ‘Crystal Skeletons’ and the roles which they will play to save the ‘earth’ in year of 2012!
The program was about 13 crystal Skeletons which were buried under the Maya’s holy places nearly 12000 years ago and by year of 2012 they should be discovered and we , the people of the earth , should be arranging them in a circle around one centre that the light which will be emanated from all Skeletons will be connected all together as well as the ‘center’, and as a result the world and/or earth will be safe for more than thousand of thousand years to come!
Then I read the following Tablet from Baha’u’llah regarding creation and the cause of its existence:

Baha’u’llah says: “….The world of existence came into being through the heat generated from the interaction between the active force and that which is its recipient. These two are the same, yet they are different. Thus doth the Great Announcement inform thee about this glorious structure. Such as communicate the generating influence and such as receive its impact are indeed created through the irresistible Word of God which is the Cause of the entire creation, while all else besides His Word are but the creatures and the effects thereof. Verily thy Lord is the Expounder, the All-Wise. “
And the following is my reflection upon the above prediction and after reading the above Tablet:

First I remembered those who were waiting for Second Coming of Christ on a piece of cloud in year of 1844. I was thinking that how they were gathered on that mountain by their heart’s vibrations , which were created by the Second Coming on the atmospheres of their hearts, but they were looking up to the sky!
And then I noticed that there was a similarity between these two predictions, The Second Coming and Maya’s prediction, that they both were depended on physical sense not the hidden meanings of Scriptures and /or Maya’s prediction!
Then I read the above Tablet that how existence came into being by the heat generated from the interaction between the ‘active force’ and its ‘recipient’ and everything beside His Word are only creatures and effects. So I thought to myself that from that day ,nearly 150 billion years ago when the universe was created , still this active force is the cause of creation and being manifested through millions of millions of different recipients traveling into the whole universe going deep down into the smallest planet , earth, and finally manifested Itself into the hearts of those who are believers and/or even nonbelievers. But the degree of Its ‘manifestation’ is depended on the capacities of the ‘recipients’. So if (13) and/or ( 12) true believers and/or philosophers stones who are detached from the world of existence ‘skeletons’ gather together with pure hearts ,becoming glowing recipients like ‘crystals’, sitting circling around His Mighty Throne ‘The God ‘s Manifestation’ praying and receiving light emanating it through their hearts to each other and to the whole universe they may illuminating the entire creation and save the earth !

This process of existence was created upon the Word of God when He said ‘Be’ and ‘It was and it is’! so if the Active Force is the ‘Source’ and the ‘Source ‘ is the ‘Word of God ‘ we might be able to save the world, if we become the true recipients of His love and/or His Word to the point that we say ‘be’ and ‘it is’!!!!

Since He Himself says that Universe cannot contain Him but the heart of a believer can!!!
And in another Tablet He, Baha’u’llah says: “What of the hidden secrets of the universe and its revelation? Lo, the entire creation hath passed away! Nothing remaineth except My Face, the Ever-Abiding, the Resplendent, the All-Glorious. “


Sunday, June 1. 2008

To a 'friend' whom I think I have saved his marriage this morning by telling his wife that how much he loves her telling her about his sacrifices for his beloved wife!

From Kahlil Gibran:
Marriage is the union of two divinities that a third might be born on earth. It is the union of two souls in a strong love for the abolishment of separateness. It is that higher unity which fuses the separate unities within the two spirits. It is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance, and whose ending is Eternity. It is the pure rain that falls from an unblemished sky to fructify and bless the fields of divine Nature.

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