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God's Heart's bits!

Saturday, August 23. 2008

I read from Lady Bloomfield ‘s book that : “ Baha’u’llah spoke with the power of the Great Ether; its operation becomes manifest in the “ Awakening”. His words of Power were heard, not only by the Scribes, who wrote them down, but the sound of them went forth into the world, and reached the inner hearing of the Waiting Servants. These devoted ones, born in every religion, every race, and every nation , were standing well-prepared on every hand to raise and set about their Father’s business, when they should hear the Awakening Call. “
That was the Call of the Father! But in our own small world every word which is being said and/or written with good intention and pure heart will have a sound of its own which will be sent fort into the world to inner hearing of those who are ready to hear awakening them to a new and/or bigger cycle of life!! The sound of these words is originated from the heart bits of the speaker and/or writer . So The Words of God which were said and written through His Messengers on earth have Their own Sound and effect Which is originated from God’s own heart bits! And those who mention ,read and write God ‘s Words ,they are carrying God ‘s heart’s bit, like a torch- bearer , to the humanity’s ears taking them to the next level closer to their destination which they are destined to reach!!

The difference between ‘fish’ and ‘human being’!

Tuesday, August 19. 2008

When a fish is out of the sea, landing on dry land, it has no choice but to die and/or coming back to the sea and/or by the force of nature sea changes its course flowing towards it to rescue the poor fish, if it was not too late! Since fish has no will- power to go to the sea so it will die because of what was not given to ‘it’ in the first place which were will-power and power of mind! But a human being whose soul has gone astray in dry land he /she would die even if all the ‘seas ‘of the world change their course they cannot rescue him/her if he /she does not want to. He/she would escape to the moon above any life-given waters (seas) to prove that he/she has a will power and power of choice. So he/she would die like a fish but for opposite reason, they would die because of the will-power and/or power of mind which were given to them in the first place! Such a pity!!


Wednesday, August 13. 2008

God created man and woman , two opposite sexes , to become two attractive forces attracting each other for two reasons only: 1) their souls experience love through their bodies 2) for the sake of continuation of humanity
But what have happened through centuries that ‘man’ has got one aspect of this an amazing ‘act’ of love ‘sex’ and forgot all others! Man has forgotten to become attracted to opposite sex when his/her heart starting to throb because of love
- ‘Man’ has forgotten the first principle of act of ‘love’ which is being in love with his/her partner from opposite sex
-and now ‘Man’ is only practicing what he/she was inherited from their lower kingdom , animal kingdom, that his/her nature and body needs sex so he/she had to do it anyway and it didn’t matter with who , when and for what reason , ‘Man’ has become his/ her own ‘nature’ instead of his/her own ‘soul’!
– so ‘Man’, who was created in a higher kingdom, because of wrong education went back in time and space to his/her lower kingdom, not even lower one but not existent kingdom since even animals become close to their mates in especial seasons and time without using the power of ‘mind’ which they don’t have but human being has become his/her own nature and/or desires only. That is why he/she might not even need any partners to show them their love for a sake of giving and taking what they were created in the first place , which was love!
- although science was/is advancing every minutes ‘man’ is using this advancements to satisfy his/her nature’s needs instead of his/her soul! According to the Evolution’s chart plant’s life was created 4 billion years ago when animal life was created and /or unfolded itself 700 millions ago and human life 2.6 millions ago but the first classical civilizations showed up itself on 3500 (bce). So what we are doing now with ourselves is far, far behind the human civilization, we are going back to when animal kingdom was born on the face of the earth 700 million years ago and they might be experiencing sex for the first time in this way that we are now witnessing , but throughout centuries even animals have changed too because of all changes in environments and /or other changes for the betterments of the world so they, animals, did it unconsciously in those times but we are doing it ‘now’ consciously!

So ‘sex’ was created in human temple for betterments and enjoyments of the soul that soul could experience the love and ultimate joy of uniting with another soul through their bodies but now people sell their souls to have more enjoyments for their own bodies only! You see them sitting in hours, in rooms, behind closed doors with their computers when the hands of their desires tighten around their necks! But since quenching the thirst of longing of ‘to be loved’ and ‘to love by others’ would not be satisfied in this way they don’t even become satisfied and they want more and more like drinking salty water which make them more thirsty.

But the sweetest water possible in this world, which quenches the thirst of any soul, it is only given to those souls , who are untied in heart, mind as well as their bodies. This might be the reward for those who obey the Divine Rule and ‘that ‘might be the punishment for those who are not obeying and we all know that the reward and punishment are hidden in the depth of every act!


Tuesday, August 12. 2008

(Cloud) as shadow was expressed through the Baha’i Writings that physical reality is but a shadowy reflection of the world of the spirit: Abdu’l-Baha Say: “know thou that Kingdom is the real world, and this nether place is only its shadow stretching out. A shadow hath no life of its own; its existence is only a fantasy, and nothing more; it is but images reflected in water, and seeming s pictures to the eye.”

In another reading of this line might be the following: “The clouds which provide me with shade and comfort from the heat of the sun would be destroyed by the heat of tribulation in the path of your love.” In other words, the tribulations or calamities, though outwardly grievous, burn away the veils that conceal the world of the spirit from my understanding.”

So don’t build castles upon this shadowy world that when the night comes and sun covers its face there would be no shadow and whatever we built upon it and/or upon water during the ‘day-time’ will be vanished! So as the ‘oil’ of life is burning into the lamp of body use it for reaching, stretching out to the ‘light’ instead of dropping all on the surface and/or water to make some temporary forms and/or pictures!
I have one word to say to those who don’t believe in dreams; ‘DREAM!’ We might see something in dreams that we can’t see them in day-light because we are living in the shadow of the world of reality and only dreams and visions can take and giving us a glimpse of the reality of all things!


Saturday, August 9. 2008
True believer!

We all receive the heat and the light of the sun through its rays but we all are moving in different direction in day –time using all these amazing energies, which are given to us unconditionally, to reach our goals and/or destinations. So the sun does not shine upon me and you differently but we are using this free ‘fuel’ and/or energy to go in different directions. But where and how we are going is upon our own choices which God has given to everyone of us. This law is applied to spiritual realm too. I need to love people and I need to be loved by them too but this doesn’t mean that I should follow them all my life in their own direction and they don’t have to follow me either. The only guideline which we have to follow is becoming the followers of the ‘Sun” only and this is upon everyone’s shoulder to find the way and become the follower of ‘Light’ that is all!!
But in meantime we all playing a major role for others to grow physically and/or spiritually and it doesn’t apply for human being only, I need to be around beautiful scenery, I might need to have a beautiful pet and I definitely need to be around kind and loving people so they become my educator and I become their tests! So taking unconditional love from ‘Sun’ and reflecting it on your surrounding which could be mineral, plants , animal and human being is ultimate goal and a role of the one who is doing this an amazing job is to reflect the light without interfering in where and/or how it should be shined and we call them ‘true believers ‘!!


Sunday, August 3. 2008

A woman who is moving towards perfection and knows her ‘right’ of her existence is the one who wants man’s heart first and then his body! For such a man she would give her life in return, but this woman usually will be persecuted and will be stamped with different names and even her sexuality will be questioned since she wouldn’t give her body and heart without having something in return , a man’s heart. So such a woman will be accused of so many things which are resulted of man’s broken ego, but does it matter if the entire universe goes against her when she knows where she is going and/or what she really wants? This kind of woman would not give up what is a temple of her soul, her body, to satisfy another man’s desire but she is ready to give all ‘her life’ for a man who gives his heart to her! These kinds of women are ‘original’ ones and not the ‘partial’ ones!

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